Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom is a place which should always be kept neat and tidy. Taking care of our personal hygiene is mandatory, but choosing beautiful sink chests is a luxury! A new high-quality sink vanity or an antique sink vanity will make your bathroom more stylish and unique. While most folks pass up style in the bathroom by choosing a boring sink chest, you can add your own individual design by adding an attractive sink vanity. Adding a striking sink vanity is the hottest trend in South ...

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Bathroom Vanities FAQ

01 What is the standard depth for a bathroom vanity?

A vanity's standard depth, measured from front to back, is between 20" and 21". There are, however, limited depth possibilities, which are normally 18". While there is no set standard for vanity height, you can expect them to be between 32" and 36" tall.

02 Should my bathroom vanities match?

A home's bathroom vanities should not be identical. Select components of bathroom vanities, on the other hand, can be mixed and matched to create a coherent and consistent look in a home. The style, color palette, countertop material, fittings, and backsplashes are all components of a bathroom vanity.

03 Why do bathroom vanities have legs?

A vanity is transformed into a piece of furniture with the addition of legs that raise the cabinet off the floor. Finally, adding legs to a vanity creates an open and spacious sensation in your bathroom, making it appear larger. Molding at the bottom. If you don't want to clean under the vanity, use this option.

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