Vintage and Antique Nightstands

Both functional and beautiful, antique nightstands and bedside tables give us a place to organize our favorite things. Bedside tables are often decorated with a pretty lamp and a stack of books to read, or perhaps a vase of flowers and a few framed photos of loved ones. Nightstands come in all styles - from antique marble-top nightstands to new, high quality bedside tables in painted or natural finishes - choose the style that best suits your personality! We ...

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Nightstands FAQ

01 Where should I put my nightstand?

Nightstands are best placed by the sides of your bed. This is to allow easy access to their storage space. These versatile pieces of bedroom furniture are also a great place to put a table lamp for convenient bedroom lighting.

02 What should be on my nightstand?

We recommend placing a quality table lamp on your nightstand for easy access to your lighting. You can also use them as a place to put your favorite book!

03 Should a nightstand be higher than my bed?

As long as your nightstand is about level with your bed, you'll be fine. It is common practice to have your nightstand be a couple of inches higher than your mattress as well. As long as it's accessible, it won't cause any issues in your bedroom's interior decor!

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