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If you want to add a distinctive touch when are you are entertaining in your home bar, cocktail area or dining room, the easiest way is to choose new and antique decanters and barware that reflect your personality. That might mean shopping for vintage beer steins, commemorative glass stemware or pewter tankards. These all carry a nice sense of tradition or are talking points to get the conversation going when you pour the drinks! They bring a little more style than your ...

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Bar & Barware FAQ

01 How much space do I need for a home bar?

To travel in and around the bar stools, you'll need around 2' of space between them. Most common home bar designs are at least 6' long to allow three bar stools, or 8' long to accommodate four bar stools.

02 How do I store spirits at home?

Simply keep spirits upright to avoid a metallic flavor from the cap, at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight, as UV rays aren't just bad for our skin ? they can also be bad for our spirits!

03 Does a wet bar need a sink?

A wet-bar is essentially a sink with running water. A dry bar does not have a sink and just has a location to prepare beverages. The only technical difference is in the plumbing.


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  1. RAFFAELLESCO DELUXE Mug Deruta Majolica Concave Ceramic

    SKU: AS-117

    4.25H x 3.50W x 3.50D

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  2. Bucket Rustic Set 3 Metal Brass Bronze

    SKU: ZT-835

    8H x 19.50W x 9D

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  3. Bucket Rustic Set 3 Metal Brass Bronze

    SKU: ZT-837

    14H x 9W x 9D

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  4. Ashtray Scarborough House Octopus and Clam Shell Black Nickel Plated Brass

    SKU: SH-828

    2.63H x 6.75W x 9.13D

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  5. Wine Cooler Polished Nickel-Plated Metal Brass Bronze

    SKU: CH-5426

    12.30H x 12W x 9.80D

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