Decanters & Barware

Barware and Decanters

If you want to add a distinctive touch when are you are entertaining in your home bar, cocktail area or dining room, the easiest way is to choose new and antique decanters and barware that reflect your personality. That might mean shopping for vintage beer steins, commemorative glass stemware or pewter tankards. These all carry a nice sense of tradition or are talking points to get the conversation going when you pour the drinks! They bring a little more style than your ...

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Decanters & Barware FAQ

01 What is a decanter?

A wine decanter is a glass vessel that is used to serve wine. The act of pouring wine from a bottle into a decanter is referred to as decanting wine. The decanter will be used to serve the wine into individual glasses in a domestic environment.

02 How long will beverages keep in a decanter?

The spirits within will stay as long as they would in the original glass alcohol container if you use a decanter with an airtight seal. While wine is only good for a few days, vodka, brandy, and other spirits can last for years.

03 Can I keep whiskey in a decanter?

You don't have to worry about your whiskey losing flavor or alcohol content if your decanter has an airtight cover. Whiskey kept in a glass decanter is the same as whiskey kept in a glass bottle.

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