Tables & Cabinets

Tables & Cabinets

A quality vintage or antique cabinet can take your home decor to new heights. Whether you're looking for an Art Deco sideboard or French credenza, we've got the furniture you need. 

Please take advantage of our trusted online furniture store to get all the tables and cabinets you need at amazing prices. At EuroLux, we offer you a wide selection of tables and cabinets that make a striking ...

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Tables & Cabinets FAQ

01 Can I leave cabinets unfinished?

You could add a finish to your cabinets without painting or staining them if you like the natural wood hue. Your wood cabinets is protected from moisture and stain damage with a colorless polyurethane finish.

02 Can I stack cabinets?

Adding stacks is one of the first things I like to do when remodeling a room. With stacked cabinets, you can transform an ordinary kitchen into something spectacular! Adding stacks is, in fact, the easiest way to achieve dramatic improvements short of fully replacing kitchen cabinets.

03 What wood is good for dining tables?

For a dining table, sheesham, teak, rosewood, satinwood, and other foreign woods are excellent choices. You can choose a different finish for the table top and create the dining table's legs out of wood when choosing a wooden dining table.

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