Corner Cabinets

Corner Cabinets

There are many reasons to shop for a handsome new corner cabinet. Corner cabinets are practical to use and they make the most of every inch of space in a room. They are also great as a decorative accent. 

Corner cabinets can be used in every room of the house and for storage and display purposes. For example, used as a china cabinet, a glass front corner cabinet will tuck into your dining room or kitchen to give you somewhere to keep all your ...

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Corner Cabinets FAQ

01 How much space should be between corner shelves?

For the door and drawer to work effectively, you'll need to leave at least 6" of dead space in the corner. You'll need a 3" filler on the opposite wall to make enough room for the cabinet's door and drawer to work.

02 Do corner cabinets save space?

Getting creative with those awkward spots where kitchen cabinets inevitably meet will almost always be required when finalizing a kitchen layout. Although they may appear awkward and obtrusive at first, corner cabinets can be an excellent method to increase storage space, design, and overall beauty.

03 Where can I find corner cabinets online?

Our collection of corner cabinets is the finest in today's market. We offer a wide variety of both antique cabinets and more contemporary kitchen furniture.

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