Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets

As the name suggests, storage cabinets are quite functional and are used to store many things. Combining both classic beauty and function, antique storage cabinets make great additions to your home. Bathroom storage cabinets are made from high quality materials in order to resist water and a damp environment. Here you'll find the best vintage and modern side cabinets for sale in South Carolina. 

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Storage Cabinets FAQ

01 Is it better to stain or paint unfinished cabinets?

Staining is more time-consuming than veneering, but it gives a more natural appearance, and the range of stain colors is far greater than the range of veneer colors. Finally, you might choose to paint your kitchen cabinets if they are unpainted.

02 Does painting cabinets bring down home value?

Changing the color of your kitchen cabinets, whether to a deeper or lighter tone, will give your entire kitchen a new, trendy, and modern look. Painting kitchen cabinets will not depreciate your home's value unless you choose a strong, style-specific, or obsolete hue.

03 What is the most popular color for storage cabinets?

Gray is the most popular kitchen wall color because it's dramatic and sophisticated while still being clean and adaptable. It also provides a neutral backdrop, allowing you to express yourself with colored cabinets or kitchen accessories.

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