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EuroLuxHome.com brings you a lovely collection of high quality outdoor decor. Whether you're looking for patio furniture or other furniture sets for your outdoor space, we've got you covered. Many interior decorators spend so much time decorating the inside of a home that they neglect the outside! At EuroLuxHome.com, we understand the importance of quality furniture whether it's in your living room or outdoors. From lounge furniture ...

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Outdoor FAQ

01 Can you leave outdoor furniture in the rain?

If it is furniture made to withstand the elements, then yes. As long as it is not made from untreated wood, and instead made from weatherproof materials, it should be able to survive rain. You might want to dry your piece before sitting there, though.

02 What happens if I leave wood furniture outside?

Nothing good happens when leaving antique or modern wooden furniture outside. Weather can cause the wood to rot. It can also seep into the cracks, causing parts to expand and eventually break the furniture.

03 What outdoor furniture does EuroLuxHome.com offer?

EuroLuxHome.com offers outdoor furniture for every occasion. Good patio furniture can be hard to come by, but our selection of outdoor seating is selected for perfection. Ask about our patio tables as well.


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  1. Lounge Chair Ebony Alabaster Black White Hide Leather

    SKU: ZT-76

    37H x 26W x 28D

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  2. DESSERER Lounge Chair Cream Pine Frame Linen Oak Legs

    SKU: ZT-777

    34H x 34.50W x 69D

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  3. BASTILLE Lounge Chair Natural White Oak Linen

    SKU: ZT-824

    38H x 55W x 28D

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  4. COREY Lounge Chair 19x52 52x19 White Natural Black Brass Cream Pine Gray Oak

    SKU: ZT-894

    38H x 28W x 60D

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  5. LORAIN Lounge Chair Linen Viscose Polyester Oak Rayon Poly

    SKU: ZT-911

    33H x 22.50W x 30D

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  6. WINNI Lounge Chair Charcoal Wood Hiroshi

    SKU: ZT-1256

    38H x 63W x 31.50D

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  7. COLBEY Lounge Chair Cream

    SKU: ZT-1266

    35H x 36.50W x 42D

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  8. Outdoor Dining Table Woodbridge Carlyle White Metal Rectangular Slatted Top

    SKU: WB-1070

    30H x 72W x 35D

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  9. Outdoor Dining Chair Woodbridge Carlyle White Metal Navy Sunbrella Chippendale

    SKU: WB-1071

    37.50H x 18W x 25D

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  10. Outdoor Chaise Woodbridge Carlyle White Metal Navy Sunbrella Canvas Chippendale

    SKU: WB-1072

    39H x 25W x 70D

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  11. Bunching Chair Woodbridge Outdoor Gray Woven Base Sunbrella Fabric

    SKU: WB-1012

    36.50H x 25.50W x 33.50D x 22.50L

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  12. CHATEAU Post Light 1-Light Chocolate Forged Iron Seeded Glass Standard Satco

    SKU: SL-58

    25H x 13.25W x 13.25D

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Showing: 1-12 of 34 results

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