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French Furniture Arriving Soon

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French Furniture Arriving Soon

Our new container of French antique furniture has not yet arrived, but if you love beautiful antiques we're giving you a sneak peek at the beauties now sailing across the Atlantic Ocean! We personally selected these fabulous antiques (read more about our antiques buying trips in Europe here) because we think our customers in the USA will love them.

Antique Art Nouveau Buffet Sideboard You can see all the new container furniture here. The pieces are available for pre-order now so you can snap them up first. As usual, you will get free shipping in the Continental USA and some parts of Canada.

Quality Antique French Furniture

Or why not browse through some of our favorite pieces in this blog post, starting with this gorgeous antique Art Nouveau server or sideboard.

Dating to 1900, the Art Nouveau cabinet is unusual and versatile.
It's perfect as a dining room server, but you could also use it as a home bar or -- thanks to the mirror back -- even as a vanity in your bedroom.

We also have the matching Art Nouveau buffet, table and chairs, if you want a complete set!

Heavily Carved antique French cabinet

Antique French Cabinet

We are so blown away by this antique French cabinet or buffet with its impressive jester carvings...we almost don't want to let it go! The walnut buffet dates to 1900 and the whimsical carved figure on the top cabinet door looks like a playful jester, while the ornate carvings also include two faces gazing out to keep watch over your family! A red marble counter top provides a handsome space for your serving dishes or cheese board while the plate rack is the perfect place display your favorite platters. This outstanding antique French cabinet or buffet is sure to become a family heirloom.

1920 Rococo French Chairs

We also have these six vintage French Louis XV Rococo dining chairs with red upholstery on their way to us from France.

Quality French Seating

These flirty darlings are sure to seduce you! Made of walnut wood in 1920, the charming Rococo chairs look like they've come from a Parisian salon where ladies lunch, laugh, and talk about the last fashions.  They'll look chic in your dining room, or as occasional seating in the living room, a lady's boudoir or guest bedrooms

Antique French Hunting Sofa

This ornate antique French Hunting style sofa was crafted in oak in about 1880 and it is handsomely carved all over. The antique oak sofa will look incredible in your living room or great room, or imagine it as seating in your large foyer or entryway. Opulently carved flourishes, finials and barley twist posts make this a decadent delight. The upholstery could be updated to suit your own decor, creating a custom look!

These are just a few of our favorite things... see all the sneak peak French antiques at this link. We can't wait for them to arrive!

Antique French Furniture at offers a wide variety of 19th century and 20th century antiques. There are plenty of French furniture styles to choose from! From Art Deco to French Provincial, Gothic, , Louis XIV, French Country to Louis XVI and more, we've got a French style for every taste. Maybe the Neoclassical look of the Louis XV style or Louis Philippe style is what you're looking for. The Napoleon III style could provide a sophisticated touch to your space. Whether it's an armchair, armoire with marquetry, dining table or console table with a marble top, we're confident you'll be impressed. Early 20th century French furniture is renowned in the antiques community for a reason- whether it's a display cabinet or a chest of drawers, these pieces provide practicality and beauty.

french antique furniture antique buffet rococo furniture hunting furniture antique dining chairs art nouveau decor antique sofa style carved wood furniture
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