Sporting Goods

If you are searching for vintage style sporting goods and handcrafted wooden boats including decorative canoes, kayaks and dinghies, then you know that quality is one of the most important things to look out for. Every piece in our fine selection of sporting goods is constructed to the highest standards so they are a pleasure in every way. 

For example, a typical kayak or canoe from Old Modern Handicrafts usually takes the craftsmen around 500 hours to build. It will be handmade from bow to stern using traditional boat construction methods. Raw materials are also of the highest quality, including strips of Western Red Cedar wood, joined by hand. The cedar has a side benefit of being light enough for one person to carry it. The hull will be encapsulated in fiberglass and bonded with epoxy resin. With a finish of marine varnish, you will be able to see the natural beauty of the wood and the wood will be protected for durability. Strong, tough, and wonderful to look at. This is everything you want in a kayak or canoe.

Some feature decorative effects such as a striking arrow design.

Matching kayak and decorative canoe paddles are also crafted with superb attention to detail and these can be purchased separately if you want to buy a pair of paddles as a spare set, or just as a decorative item to hang on the wall in your nautical theme interior design scheme.

The surfboards in our online store include long boards and short boards and they are also beautifully crafted in cedar and encapsulated in fiberglass. They have a vintage look that will appeal to those of classic tastes. Whether you are catching a wave on the beach or admiring the surfboard hanging on the wall, you will not be disappointed.

Other sporting goods options include a vintage style scooter that evokes the nostalgia of childhood. The distressed finish adds to the quaint sense of charm.