Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets

As the name suggests, storage cabinets are quite functional and are used to store many things. Combining both classic beauty and function, antique storage cabinets make great additions to your home. Bathroom storage cabinets are made from high quality materials in order to resist water and a damp environment. Here you'll find the best vintage and modern side cabinets for sale in South Carolina. 

Quality Storage Furniture Here

Whether it's a double door accent cabinet for your living room, or a freestanding glass door cabinet for your entryway or home office, has the furniture to enhance your space. These pieces feature quality shelving including adjustable shelves, for convenience and accessibility. 

Perhaps a display cabinet or a single door storage cabinet is what you need, providing heavy-duty lockable furniture to your home decor. 

Luxury Materials

One of the most important aspects of quality furniture is the material used to create it. A storage shelf or wall cabinet is only as sturdy as the wood that makes it up. Fortunately, at, our selection is built to last. Using solid woods such as oak, mahogany and walnut, and other metals such as stainless steel and antique brass, you can be sure that these pieces of furniture are built to stand the test of time. 

Other decorative materials used include laminate and other exterior materials. Regardless of which shelving unit or storage unit you decide to use, has you covered. From office supplies to other valuables, a quality steel storage cabinet or tall storage cabinet from our collection is built to suit your needs. 

Quality Styles Available

No matter your taste in corner cabinets, china cabinets and other antique cabinets, we've got you covered. From antique French to Art Deco, Arts & Crafts,  Victorian to Swedish to New York lacquered, has a wide array of style options. With quality materials used such as antique oak and antique mahogany, you know you're getting quality. Antique furniture only lives long enough to become antique when it's crafted well. From cabinet doors to feet, you'll find that our selection of cabinet hardware is perfect for storing your collectibles. 

Other Furniture at

Maybe cabinets aren't your forte. We have many other options available as well. From 19th century bookcases to modern sideboards and armoires, we've got the furniture to spice up your living room or dining room. Perhaps a credenza or bar cabinet is what your home needs. At, we have the collection to meet these needs and more. Browse our selection of products today to find your new favorite piece of furniture!

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Storage Cabinets FAQ

01 What should I put in my storage cabinet?

Documents, files, tape files, machines, and tools can all be stored in storage cabinets. Furthermore, as compared to standard shelving, storage cabinets can give roughly twice the storage space. Instead of placing dangerous sharp things on an open shelf, you can store them in a cabinet.

02 What is an advantage of a cupboard?

More efficient use of space. Although this is a no-brainer, many individuals do not utilize their kitchen storage to its maximum potential.

03 Is it better to stain or paint unfinished cabinets?

Staining is more time-consuming than veneering, but it gives a more natural appearance, and the range of stain colors is far greater than the range of veneer colors. Finally, you might choose to paint your kitchen cabinets if they are unpainted.

04 Does painting cabinets bring down home value?

Changing the color of your kitchen cabinets, whether to a deeper or lighter tone, will give your entire kitchen a new, trendy, and modern look. Painting kitchen cabinets will not depreciate your home's value unless you choose a strong, style-specific, or obsolete hue.

05 What is the most popular color for storage cabinets?

Gray is the most popular kitchen wall color because it's dramatic and sophisticated while still being clean and adaptable. It also provides a neutral backdrop, allowing you to express yourself with colored cabinets or kitchen accessories.


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  1. Storage Cabinet HUGH Charcoal Glass Beech Elm Polished Nickel Wine Holder 4

    SKU: ZT-1135

    90H x 58W x 21D


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  2. Storage Cabinet PADMAS PLANTATION ISLAND ESTATE Industrial Recycled Teak Iron

    SKU: PP-41

    78.75H x 27.50W x 15.75D


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  3. GERALD Storage Cabinet Beige Pine Poplar Wood

    SKU: ZT-1164

    86H x 47W x 20D


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  4. Storage Cabinet JOHN-RICHARD HALLWOOD Gold Oak Tiza Gesso Cast Handle 4 -Shelf

    SKU: JR-2761

    79H x 40W x 22D


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  5. Cabinet Antique French Louis XV Rococo Walnut Wood 1900 Pretty Glass Door

    SKU: 24-17

    102.50H x 59.50W x 24.50D


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  6. Storage Cabinet WOODBRIDGE Rectangular Top Squared Posts Post Square Brass

    SKU: WB-1081

    36H x 76W x 19D


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  7. Cabinet THEODORE ALEXANDER HIGHLANDS 20th C European Paneled Doors Cast Branch

    SKU: TA-4804

    34H x 60W x 18D


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  8. Storage Cabinet CURREY MOROMBE Cerused White Oak Adjustable Soft-Close Hinges 2

    SKU: CC-5392

    32H x 56.50W x 18.25D


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  9. Storage Cabinet JOHN-RICHARD I DREAM OF AGATE Aztec Gold Reverse-Painted Design

    SKU: JR-2755

    34H x 72W x 18D


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  10. Side Cabinet Philippe Rustic Pecan Wood French Cremone 4 Doors

    SKU: BG-417

    96H x 52.50W x 18.50D


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  11. Side Cabinet Philippe White Distressed Wood French Cremone 4 Doors 2 Drawers

    SKU: BG-318

    96H x 52.50W x 18.50D


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  12. Storage Cabinet JOHN-RICHARD Transitional Gold Leaf Aztec Tiza Gesso Windsor

    SKU: JR-3291

    62.75H x 34W x 20D


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