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Table & Floor Clocks

Table & Wall Clocks

A home is not a home without quality wall decor in all the major living rooms and bedrooms. A quality timepiece on your nightstand, or a desktop clock in your home office can take your home decor to the next level. Telling the time on your cell phone is simply not the same! Traditional style new, vintage and antique clocks add character and a sense of welcome, with a decorative appeal that is, shall we say, timeless. Of course they are useful too, so you can easily glance up and keep an eye on the hour. Some of our most splendid vintage and antique mantel clocks for sale also have striking mechanisms that ring out with a beautiful chimes to create an atmosphere of nostalgia. Whether it's a table clock, decorative wall clock, alarm clock, desk clock, farmhouse wall clock with a metal frame or tabletop clock, each of our pieces brings quality to your home. Maybe black roman numerals on a clock face is what you need. From hour hands to minute hands to glass panels, these are fine pieces of decor. 

Antique and vintage treasures come and go as they are all one-offs, so if you find one that you love, snap it up at once before a collector finds it! As a taster, our selection of beautiful clocks at any one time might include a piece by the famous 19th Century German manufacturer Gustav Becker. Gustav Becker’s high-quality craftsmanship was in evidence on all kinds of designs from simple clean-lined cases to ornate, hand-carved pieces. Just imagine how lovely it would be to keep accurate time with a glass crystal or metal base clock. 

Clocks at

Some of our clocks feature interesting materials such as polished brass, beveled glass, brushed aluminum, and pewter. If you're looking for a silver-tone, we also have pieces available with a silver finish. Other timepieces feature wrought iron and a distressed finish, making these antique style home accents the focal point of any room. These will ensure that you can keep track of time in luxury! Styles include retro, rustic, mid-century and bezels. All of these timepieces would be a perfect fit in your dining room, entryway, home office, or even farmhouse decor. 

Other options include wood wall clocks, rustic wall clocks, analog wall clocks, and more. 

In terms of numbers, some of these pieces feature large roman numerals or regular roman numerals. Others include arabic numerals, with a quality whitewash and decoration that makes it fit for a gallery wall.

Styles Available

We've got all sorts of styles available. Maybe an antique French,  Victorian or Grandfather clock is what you need. Other styles include Art Nouveau, Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco clocks, as well as American clocks. Perhaps you'd be interested in one of our collectible vintage clocks, made by a more modern clock company. Regardless of your choice, one thing is sure: our French clocks and antique wall clocks are sure to impress. From pieces with regulators to old clocks, to bracket clocks with gilt bronze or maybe a Howard Miller carriage clock, we've got you covered. Mater

Table Clocks, Wall Clocks and More!

Or perhaps you will be smitten by a rare 19th Century Rococo antique clock signed by the renowned manufacturer Nicholas Mueller’s Sons, adorned with an intricate sculpture. Sculptures are popular on many of our new and antique clocks as they make such a decorative statement on the mantle or a console table. 

New designs with a traditional feel might feature a sculpture of a jockey, a bear, a stag or a fly fishing reel, making them a wonderful choice for your mountain cabin or lakeside lodge. These are intricately hand-painted with exquisite detail and custom made to order. Other options include Delft designs, Art Deco pieces, and vintage Black Forest cuckoo clocks. From mantle clock to decorative table clock to white dial to felt bottom, each clock features elite craftsmanship. Whatever your taste, browse our vintage timepieces for sale to find the ideal piece that makes you tick!