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  1. Antique Beds: Styles and Tips

    Antique Beds: Styles and Tips
    If you're into old furniture, you know nothing makes a statement in your home quite like a quality antique bed. Something about the class and style of these pieces keeps designers coming back. Simply put, they don't carve bed frames, headboards and footboards quite like they used to! In the age before machine carving, the quality of bedroom furniture was...
  2. Picking the Perfect Bedroom Dresser

    Picking the Perfect Bedroom Dresser
    So you're renovating your bedroom. You've picked out a new bed that fits your color scheme, arranged your curtains, and decided what to do with your wall space-what's left? A bedroom dresser. Not only are dressers essential pieces of bedroom storage, providing plenty of room for clothes, but they're a great way to bring your space together. In this post...
  3. How to Decorate Your Bedroom: A Guide

    How to Decorate Your Bedroom: A Guide
    The average human spends more time in the bedroom than in any other space in the home. Quality interior design can ensure that that time is well spent! Everyone wants to sleep in style, to wake up in an immaculately decorated area. But with so many furniture and lighting options, the process of creating your perfect sleeping  can seem daunting...
  4. Hollywood Regency Style Furniture and Decor

    Hollywood Regency Style Furniture and Decor
    Hollywood Regency style furniture is closely related to Art Deco, but with its own special style to bring glitz and glamour to your interior design scheme.
  5. Antique Buffet, Louis XVI style

    Antique Buffet, Louis XVI style
    When we delivered an antique French Country Louis XVI Buffet to our customers Mary and Phil, we had no idea what a great treat we were in for while touring their chateau-style home! Read on and see for yourself. Our sideboards are the perfect way to make a statement in any room. Whether you're looking for a credenza for your...
  6. Antique Buffets in Today's Homes

    Antique Buffets in Today's Homes
    Antique buffets are increasingly popular for today’s homes, bought by people who want a unique and very useful piece of storage furniture. In addition to providing versatile storage and serving space, the antique buffets in our online store are beautifully handcrafted. They often feature ornate hand-carvings and elegant glass doors. We find our buffets in Europe — most of them...
  7. Alden Parkes Furniture: Updated Classics

    Alden Parkes Furniture: Updated Classics
    We were delighted when we started to carry new Alden Parkes furniture and home accessories, and our customers have been delighted with their purchases too! Alden Parkes is very clever at updating classic furniture designs for today’s homes. The craftsmanship is also very high quality, including hand-carved details. This brand always uses top notch materials including fine woods and solid...
  8. French Heritage Furniture

    French Heritage Furniture
    We recently started carrying French Heritage furniture and deco. If you don’t find a piece you want in our antique French furniture, you can search the French Heritage furniture to see if there is a newly crafted antique-inspired item to your taste! As the name suggests, the French Heritage collection is perfect for anyone who likes traditional French style decor...
  9. Bright Pink Home Decor

    Bright Pink Home Decor
    It's time to break out a riot of color to show you some inspiration for decorating with bright pink! My last post was about Decorating with Light Pink so now we will ramp up the color level and show that although decorating with bright pink needs some thought, it is actually adaptable for many different spaces and styles of home decor...
  10. Pink Decor: Some Decorating Ideas

    Pink Decor: Some Decorating Ideas
    I've been seeing a lot pink decor this summer. Sometimes people can be wary of decorating with pink because they fear it might look too girly or sugary, but in fact pink is an incredibly versatile shade that can be used in lots of sophisticated ways. Whether you like the subtlety of ballet slipper pink or the elegance of rose...

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