1. Labor Day Furniture Deals
    French Antique Furniture | News

    Labor Day Furniture Deals

    If you are shopping for antique furniture or vintage or new furniture or home decor this Labor Day and are looking for furniture deals, we have a promo code for you to save money on every single item at EuroLuxHome.com now through September 4. Visit our online antiques and home accessories store EuroLuxHome.com and everything in your cart will receive...

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  2. Antiques Buying Trip Belgium: Vintage Chandeliers
    Antiques Buying Trip

    Antiques Buying Trip Belgium: Vintage Chandeliers

    The next stop on our antiques buying trip in Europe was Belgium, which Greg calls his second home. I already wrote about our travels around France as we hunted for antique treasures to ship home to the USA, and you can read our last French antiques-hunting blog post here. As we drove our rented van into Belgium, we guessed we'd...

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  3. Sports Decor - Olympic Inspiration at Home!
    Luxury Home Design

    Sports Decor - Olympic Inspiration at Home!

    With the Rio 2016 Olympic Games catching everyone's attention, I thought it would be fun to look at some arty and nostalgic sports decor that will fit gracefully into your home, even if you're not the sporty type! But it you DO play tennis or golf or love watching the gymnasts do their thing, you'll definitely like these! Anyone for...

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  4. Ways to Display Your Ceramics Collection
    Luxury Home Design

    Ways to Display Your Ceramics Collection

    My last post was about decorative ways to display a collection. That included vintage teapots, cameras, and model trains, amongst other collectibles. The Welsh Dresser style hutch that I showed in that post is a classic way to display china and ceramics  - our antique buffets are great for this too! But today I'm sharing some other ways to display...

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  5. Vintage Deruta Ceramics
    Client Spotlight | Luxury Home Design

    Vintage Deruta Ceramics

    Our customer, Bunny J., in nearby Chapin, SC, sent us a photo of her kitchen decked out in Italian vintage Deruta ceramics from EuroLuxHome.com.  Bunny has been a great customer for many years. In the past she's purchased an armoire, a set of 8 chairs, and lots of vintage majolica and pewter pieces. I love how Bunny has created a...

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  6. Bookshelf: Timeless Home Style
    Luxury Home Design

    Bookshelf: Timeless Home Style

    When you work all day surrounded by beautiful antique furniture like I do, you know all about timeless home decor! I am always admiring these classic pieces that just look as gorgeous in a house today as they did in the era they were crafted. Actually, they often look better. Age gives them even more character to lend a unique...

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  7. Vintage Color Accents in Neutral Rooms
    Luxury Home Design

    Vintage Color Accents in Neutral Rooms

    A room decorated in neutral colors is always so relaxing. Earthy natural tones tend to be warm and welcoming, while gray or white often create a sophisticated atmosphere. But a pop of color from antique or vintage furnishings or accessories can enhance the neutral decor even more. The color accent also provides a focal point for the space. Check out...

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  8. Blue & White Delftware is Still a Delight!
    Luxury Home Design | Antique Furniture Styles

    Blue & White Delftware is Still a Delight!

    Do you love how a large collection of blue and white delftware looks so pretty grouped together?  Me too. I am just crazy for hand-painted Majolica ceramics, and I especially love Delftware, which is why we carry a large selection of Vintage and Antique Delftware at EuroLuxHome.com.  From Antique Blue Delft Tiles, to Vintage Blue Delft Transferware Plates, to truly...

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