Antique Nightstands

  1. Bright Pink Home Decor
    Luxury Home Design

    Bright Pink Home Decor

    It's time to break out a riot of color to show you some inspiration for decorating with bright pink! My last post was about Decorating with Light Pink so now we will ramp up the color level and show that although decorating with bright pink needs some thought, it is actually adaptable for many different spaces and styles of home decor...

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  2. Furniture Restoration: The Old Becomes New
    Antique Furniture Restoration

    Furniture Restoration: The Old Becomes New

    Some of our customers have been very creative in their furniture restoration and repurposing. When you buy a piece of antique furniture, that piece was lovingly hand-crafted for a specific use. Perhaps it was made as an armoire or a nightstand or a buffet or server. But there is no reason that you can't use it for a very different...

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  3. Antique French Hunting Nightstand
    Client Spotlight

    Antique French Hunting Nightstand

    Our creative customer Sarah K, in Seattle, WA, bought an antique French Hunting nightstand from us, but she had other plans for this lovely piece rather than put it in the bedroom. Sarah placed the French Renaissance Hunting style nightstand in her living room and we think that's a great idea. When Sarah sent us these photos of the nightstand...

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  4. Antique Furniture in the Kitchen
    French Antique Furniture | Luxury Home Design

    Antique Furniture in the Kitchen

    Antique furniture in the kitchen is not everyone's first thought when they imagine how they might enjoy antiques in their home. But you'd be surprised! A few weeks ago when I was writing about the renovation of our 1920s vintage bungalow kitchen and then how my dream vintage kitchen  worked out, I realized that antique furnishings in the kitchen is...

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  5. Beautiful Guest Rooms with Traditional Style
    Luxury Home Design

    Beautiful Guest Rooms with Traditional Style

    Around the holidays there are so many visitors coming and going, I thought it was a good time to look at some beautiful guest rooms designed with traditional style. These inviting guest bedrooms all offer a warm welcome and the practical comforts to keep your favorite friends and family coming back for more! Traditional Bedroom by Montpelier Interior Designers &...

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  6. Creative New Use for Antique Nightstand
    French Antique Furniture | Client Spotlight

    Creative New Use for Antique Nightstand

    I love it when I see how creatively some of our customers use and display the antique furniture they buy from us. Our client Kathleen G.  in in Arcadia, OK, is a great example! Kathleen purchased this French antique nightstand in the Henry II style and dating to 1900. The geometric walnut marquetry and lovely turned legs are nicely set...

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  7. Research on Buying Better Quality Furniture
    Antique Reproduction Furniture

    Research on Buying Better Quality Furniture

    I just read an interesting article saying that 40% of consumers would choose to buy better quality furniture next time they make a purchase. Also, 24% wish they'd bought more durable furniture. That's quite a high percentage of people who regret settling for cheaper options, or who want to trade up. Only part of the article is available at the...

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  8. Vintage Weddings
    French Antique Furniture | Food & Entertaining

    Vintage Weddings

    Every bride wants her wedding day to be unique! The trend for vintage weddings and weddings with recycled or DIY crafted decor make that dream easier to achieve, offering the perfect opportunity to add a highly personal touch to the special day. So here are some great wedding ideas to add to your I Do list! We've also got suggestions...

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