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French Antique Furniture

  1. Luxury Antique Bookcases at EuroLux
    French Antique Furniture | Antique Reproduction Furniture | Antique Furniture Styles

    Luxury Antique Bookcases at EuroLux

    A Louis XV bookcase from the EuroLux collection. Our antique furniture collection at includes antique bookcases that are sure to wow. Whether you're seeking to spruce up your living room, dining area, or bedroom, we've got you covered. Each piece of furniture has the ability to change the look of your home. We have almost every style imaginable, from...

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  2. Mahogany Secretary Desk
    French Antique Furniture | Antique Reproduction Furniture

    Mahogany Secretary Desk

    Our customer, Raymond, is thrilled with his new secretary desk! This fantastic new desk and bookshelf, inspired by Old World European furniture designs, will look fantastic in your home. The piece, which stands nearly 8 feet tall and is capped with a swirling scroll pediment, is crafted with a stunning mahogany finish. Individual beveled glass panes adorn the bookcase over...

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  3. Antique Prayer Kneeler: Pretty Prie Dieu
    French Antique Furniture

    Antique Prayer Kneeler: Pretty Prie Dieu

    This antique prayer kneeler is a fine piece of devotional furniture. This type of furniture is also known as a prie dieu, which means "pray to God" in French. As you might be able to guess from its construction and name, this piece is designed to give you a luxurious place to pray! Every piece of antique furniture has its...

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  4. Louis XV Buffet: A Timeless Piece
    French Antique Furniture

    Louis XV Buffet: A Timeless Piece

    This antique French Louis XV style buffet is a sight to behold. This piece would make an excellent addition in today's homes, even a hundred years after it was originally crafted.  Notice the ornate carvings that adorn this fine piece of furniture. The top middle cabinet features a floral pattern that is typical of this style. Notice the detail of...

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  5. Upholstered Bench Done Right
    Luxury Home Design

    Upholstered Bench Done Right

    Nothing can add comfort and style like a quality upholstered bench. Whether you're in the market for a tufted piece for your living room or a storage bench for entryway, you'll be impressed by the versatility of this furniture type. Picture this scenario: you're having company over, and are trying to figure out seating. You've got a set of chairs...

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  6. Furniture Spotlight: Antique Sideboard
    French Antique Furniture

    Furniture Spotlight: Antique Sideboard

    Every once in a while, we get a high quality piece of furniture that we can't help but write about. This antique French sideboard is one of those pieces. This oak sideboard has everything we look for in a piece of antique furniture. It's sturdy. It's made of quality material. Its craftsmanship has withstood the test of time. For a...

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  7. French Hunting Style Furniture and Decor
    French Antique Furniture

    French Hunting Style Furniture and Decor

    The upscale rustic look of French hunting style furniture and decor, with its heavily carved foliage and animals, looks just as good today as it did in the days of King Francis I.

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  8. Guide to Art Deco Furniture
    Antique Furniture Styles

    Guide to Art Deco Furniture

    Art Deco furniture is a style so timelessly chic, it’s hard to believe that a whole century has passed since the Art Deco look first burst onto the design scene. As we enter the new Roaring Twenties, let’s look back at the original 1920s and see why the sleek Art Deco style is still popular among international designers. The Art...

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