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  1. Antique Hunting Style Buffet
    French Antique Furniture

    Antique Hunting Style Buffet

    Imagine this exquisite antique French Hunting style buffet in your library, home office, corridor, or living room, housing your collection of books while also serving as a lovely ornamental focal point. The antique Renaissance Hunting style buffet/bookcase comes from approximately 1880 and is a genuine import from France. It's beautifully carved and has a lot of interesting features. The lower...

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  2. Italian Deruta Ceramics
    Luxury Home Design

    Italian Deruta Ceramics

    Known for its craftsmanship, hand-crafted Italian Deruta majolica is sure to make you feel like a noble in Renaissance Italy!   Deruta Done Right Deruta pottery is an exceptional tin-glazed earthenware, or majolica, first manufactured in the town of Deruta on the Tiber River near Perugia, Italy, during the first half of the 16th century. This porcelain is distinguished by...

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  3. Furniture Spotlight: Antique Sideboard
    French Antique Furniture

    Furniture Spotlight: Antique Sideboard

    Every once in a while, we get a high quality piece of furniture that we can't help but write about. This antique French sideboard is one of those pieces. This oak sideboard has everything we look for in a piece of antique furniture. It's sturdy. It's made of quality material. Its craftsmanship has withstood the test of time. For a...

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  4. French Hunting Style Furniture and Decor
    French Antique Furniture

    French Hunting Style Furniture and Decor

    The upscale rustic look of French hunting style furniture and decor, with its heavily carved foliage and animals, looks just as good today as it did in the days of King Francis I.

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  5. Florida Road Trip 3: Antique Henry II Dining Chairs
    French Antique Furniture | Client Spotlight

    Florida Road Trip 3: Antique Henry II Dining Chairs

    After Greg and I decided to take a road trip to Florida to make a delivery to the Orlando area, Katrina in Alva, FL, purchased this handsome set of six antique Henry II dining chairs in our Etsy store. We were delighted that we could include this delivery to the Ft. Myers area on the way to visit my home...

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  6. Florida Road Trip 2: Antique Louis XVI Dining Chairs
    French Antique Furniture | Client Spotlight

    Florida Road Trip 2: Antique Louis XVI Dining Chairs

    I hope you enjoy the next step in our Florida road trip… to deliver a set of Louis XVI antique dining chairs. In my last blog post I wrote about our trip to South Florida -- where I grew up -- to deliver a vintage Renaissance cabinet. Greg and I often joke that once we decide to take a road...

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  7. Our Antique French Chairs on Ozark TV Show
    French Antique Furniture | Client Spotlight | News

    Our Antique French Chairs on Ozark TV Show

    We recently had the pleasure of selling a set of antique French chairs to the production set of the Ozark TV show, meaning that our antique chairs will be seen on screen!

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  8. Labor Day Furniture Deals
    French Antique Furniture | News

    Labor Day Furniture Deals

    If you are shopping for antique furniture or vintage or new furniture or home decor this Labor Day and are looking for furniture deals, we have a promo code for you to save money on every single item at EuroLuxHome.com now through September 4. Visit our online antiques and home accessories store EuroLuxHome.com and everything in your cart will receive...

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