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  1. Luxury Antique Bookcases at EuroLux
    French Antique Furniture | Antique Reproduction Furniture | Antique Furniture Styles

    Luxury Antique Bookcases at EuroLux

    A Louis XV bookcase from the EuroLux collection. Our antique furniture collection at EuroLuxHome.com includes antique bookcases that are sure to wow. Whether you're seeking to spruce up your living room, dining area, or bedroom, we've got you covered. Each piece of furniture has the ability to change the look of your home. We have almost every style imaginable, from...

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  2. Antique French Louis XIII Dining Chairs
    French Antique Furniture | Client Spotlight

    Antique French Louis XIII Dining Chairs

    We have a lovely treat for you today, with photos of our antique French Louis XIII dining chairs in our customer Stephen's home! We found a set of six fabulous antique French Renaissance Louis XIII style dining chairs on one of our recent buying trips in Europe. We guessed (rightly!) that if we bought them then we'd find a customer...

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  3. Antique Style Saddle Leather Settee
    Client Spotlight | Luxury Home Design | Antique Furniture Styles

    Antique Style Saddle Leather Settee

    After we sold a newly crafted leather settee to Susan R. in Rocky River, OH, I was delighted when she sent a photo of the sofa in her home. The antique saddle leather settee is one of the most popular pieces in our large selection of new leather settees and sofas, and it always looks wonderful whenever we see client...

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  4. Victorian Thanksgiving Decor
    Food & Entertaining

    Victorian Thanksgiving Decor

    We have the Victorians to thank for our modern day Thanksgivings! These folks had great taste in Thanksgiving decor. Communities across the country had carried out their own Thanksgiving celebrations since the 1600s.  But there wasn't a unified American Thanksgiving until Abraham Lincoln's presidential proclamation in 1863 called for an official Thanksgiving Day in all states.  The traditions established in...

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  5. Scarborough House Custom Made Bookcases
    Client Spotlight

    Scarborough House Custom Made Bookcases

    Our customers Ken and Bettyann in Nantick, MA, sent us some great photos of the Scarborough House bookcases they bought from us.  The bookcases were custom-produced so they took some time to be made. Then came the day that the bookcases were delivered to Ken and Bettyann. To see other bookcases by this amazing company, you can check out our...

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  6. Scarborough House Beautiful Bedrooms
    Antique Reproduction Furniture

    Scarborough House Beautiful Bedrooms

    Our Scarborough House bedroom furniture has been really popular lately, Sales have taken off and our customers love their Scarborough House beds - especially the king size beds. Well, when you have such magnificent antique-inspired bed designs and construction, you feel like you're sleeping in a king's bed anyway...  so you might as well go for the large and comfy...

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  7. Stylish Seating for a Traditional Guest Room
    Luxury Home Design

    Stylish Seating for a Traditional Guest Room

    Yesterday I shared some ideas on how to create Beautiful Guest Rooms in Traditional Style. That post focused on the essential furnishings that every guest needs for an overnight stay. Today I'm going to look at practical and stylish seating choices for a traditional guest room. Traditional Bedroom by Philadelphia Design-Build Firms Foster-Willson Company, Inc This guest room in Philadelphia...

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  8. Beautiful Guest Rooms with Traditional Style
    Luxury Home Design

    Beautiful Guest Rooms with Traditional Style

    Around the holidays there are so many visitors coming and going, I thought it was a good time to look at some beautiful guest rooms designed with traditional style. These inviting guest bedrooms all offer a warm welcome and the practical comforts to keep your favorite friends and family coming back for more! Traditional Bedroom by Montpelier Interior Designers &...

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