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Antique Tapestries

Are you bored with plain dull walls in your home? Wall hangings or tapestries are a perfect touch of elegance that you could add to your home. Antique tapestries, or those based on antique designs, add classical beauty to a home. Tapestries in South Carolina are considered as some of the finest examples of modern and contemporary art. Buy wall hangings and antique tapestries for sale from EuroLux Home today! From old tapestries crafted in Belgium, to new pieces inspired by medieval tapestries, we've got decor that will leave your guests awe-struck. 

There is a certain feeling that only a wall hanging piece of decor like these can provide. Whether it's the regal sense it brings to any space, the lovely colors' ability to meld with your other design choices, or the simple beauty of them, tapestries are an enticing piece of any collection. That's probably why they've been so popular for thousands of years. When a design choice sticks around for this long, it's for a good reason. Read more below about our selection of products!

Antique and Vintage Tapestries

Whether you're looking for a 19th century or 20th century piece, we've got the hand woven tapestry for you. If you're looking for a taste of France, we'd recommend an antique French tapestry from our collection. We can also offer French collectible pieces such as an Aubusson tapestry! You will be amazed at the difference a piece like this will make in your home decor. We also offer some more modern tapestries, and even tapestry panels. 


Impressive Designs!

Regardless of which piece you choose, you're sure to be impressed by the needlework of these tapestry weaving experts. Design include a landscape tapestry and floral patterns. We can also offer a European tapestry featuring a romantic scene! The color schemes in each of these decor items mean that you will be able to match them with other elements of your interior design, such as antique rugs, area rugs, other needlepoint work and even furniture. 

Maybe you're in the market for a Flemish tapestry. Perhaps a Belgian or Victorian floral tapestry is what you need. Or, a modern wool tapestry in a 17th century or 18th century style might do the trick. Regardless of your tastes, we're dedicated to helping you find your next favorite piece of home decor. Browse our selection of tapestries above, and feel free to reach out personally to our owners if you have any questions!