Louis Comfort Tiffany is famous for his beautiful stained glass lamps and lighting creations that he pioneered in the late 1800s. Although an American designer and the son of the founder of the famous jewelry company of the same name in New York City, he himself was most associated with the French Art Nouveau movement and his Tiffany stained glass lights and lamps are a perfect example of Tiffany style lighting. Today, the Dale Tiffany company ...

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Tiffany FAQ

01 When did Tiffany style originate?

Tiffany style originated in the late 19th century. It went hand in hand with many of the home decor styles of the time, such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau. People could not get enough of the hand blown luxury!

02 What is the Tiffany style of lighting?

Tiffany style lighting is a form of glass lighting. It is marked by its colorful designs and intriguing shapes. Original Tiffany pieces are all made by hand.

03 Where can I find Tiffany style lamps?

Some antique dealers offer Tiffany products. is certainly no exception. Our selection of Tiffany glass products are among the largets and highest quality you'll find.


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  1. Dale Tiffany Floor Lamp, Boehme, Hand-Rolled Art Glass, Earthtones, Pull Chains

    SKU: DY-19

    62H x 18W x 18L

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  2. DALE TIFFANY FREEPORT Chandelier 1-Light Mini Antique Bronze Zinc Metal

    SKU: DY-619

    45.25H x 6.75W x 6.75L

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  3. DALE TIFFANY FALL RIVER Ceiling Fixture 1-Light Mini Dark Bronze Gold Metal

    SKU: DY-1158

    12.50H x 5W x 5L

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  4. Dale Tiffany Pool Table Light Fixture, Dragonfly Glass Mosaic, Metal/Bronze

    SKU: DY-1170

    11H x 44W x 19L

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  5. Dale Tiffany Floor Lamp with Reading Light, White Hand-Rolled Art Glass, Floral

    SKU: DY-119

    69H x 16.50W x 16.50L

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  6. Dale Tiffany Leavesley Table Lamp, Fieldstone, Green/Yellow Art Glass, 2-Light

    SKU: DY-128

    26H x 16.50W x 16.50L

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  7. Dale Tiffany Feora Hanging 3-Light Fixture, Pink Glass Flowers, Metal/Bronze

    SKU: DY-1048

    34.50H x 20W x 20L

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  8. Dale Tiffany Fall River 4-Light Pendant, Glass Metal Hanging Light, Bronze

    SKU: DY-1154

    47H x 38.50W x 5L

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  9. DALE TIFFANY Table Lamp 1-Light Mica Bronze Metal Brass Hand-Rolled On/Off

    SKU: DY-601

    23.50H x 23.25W x 23.25L

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  10. DALE TIFFANY REN Table Lamp Flared Dome Shade 2-Light Antique Bronze Solid

    SKU: DY-1927

    35H x 23W x 23L

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  11. Dale Tiffany Dragonfly Table Lamp, Hand-Rolled Art Glass, Pull Chain

    SKU: DY-70

    24H x 16W x 16L

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  12. Dale Tiffany Floor Lamp, Briar Lamp, Dragonfly Mosaic, Metal/Antique Bronze

    SKU: DY-984

    62.50H x 19W x 19L

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Showing: 1-12 of 12 results

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