Bars, Carts and Racks

Bars, Carts and Racks

We have a wide variety of bar furniture available in our selection. Whether you're looking for a bar table for your dining room, or a set of bar stools and a bar cabinet for your home bar, we've got the pieces to meet your needs. No matter what your preference of counter height or material, chances are we've got something for you. 

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Bars, Carts and Racks FAQ

01 How should I arrange my bar cart?

After all, the cart's goal is to be a location to make and serve cocktails, so make sure there's plenty of room. Then, organize items by type (hard liquors, mixers, glasses, and so on) and use trays as dividers.

02 Can I put a bar cart in the bedroom?

A bar cart is a must-have in any entertainer's living area, and it can also be used as utilitarian decor in your entryway or workplace (hello, double-height storage!). , but it turns out it's just as good as bedroom decor?especially if you don't use the items on it very regularly.

03 How much space do I need behind a home bar?

Between the bar and the rear bar or the wall, leave at least 36 inches. This is the basic minimum to accommodate a single bartender. Allow more space when building a large bar where more than one person may be working behind the bar. The electrical outlets and lighting for the bar should also be planned by the builder.


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  1. SARREID ALDRICH Wine Bar Transitional Tan Brown/Beige/Tan Solid Oak Iron Base

    SKU: SA-4855

    70H x 44W x 18D

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  2. SARREID Kitchen Island With Table and Stools Stool Traditional Antique Gray

    SKU: SA-5053

    36H x 39W x 20D

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    SKU: JC-4115

    17.25H x 16.50W x 6.25D

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  4. Bar Cart 2-Tier Rectangular Tiers Circular Frame Tiered White Distressed

    SKU: BT-877

    33H x 24W x 19D

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  5. Coat Rack Stand Double Hooks Tapered Antique Brass Champagne Distressed

    SKU: BT-1646

    67H x 19W x 19D

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  6. Coat Rack Stand Rustic 2-Tier Tiered Black Butler Loft Distressed Silver Tan

    SKU: BT-246

    74.50H x 13.50W x 13.50D

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  7. Coat Rack Stand Contemporary 2-Tier Tiered White Distressed Black Brass Cream

    SKU: BT-249

    74H x 18W x 18D

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  8. Coat Rack Stand Rustic 2-Tier Tiered White Distressed Silver Black Brass Cream

    SKU: BT-251

    74.50H x 13.50W x 13.50D

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  9. Bar Cart Modern Contemporary White Distressed Polished Gold Shiny Brass Black

    SKU: BT-1417

    33.50H x 20.50W x 13D

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  10. SEIGNOUR Bar Cream Blue White/Cream Stainless Steel Polyurethane Solid Chinese

    SKU: ZT-324

    18H x 47.25W x 29.50D

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  11. Cart Ivory Iron Bronze

    SKU: ZT-1539

    37H x 21W x 9D

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