China & Display Cabinets

China and Display Cabinets

If you are searching for handsome china cabinets or display cabinets, we can help you find the perfect china cabinet for your home. Perhaps you need an attractive place to store your fine china, or your collection of whatnots - we have the widest selection of antique and vintage style display cabinets in South Carolina. Antique style china cabinets are often heavily carved and look fantastic in combination with other antique furniture, ...

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China & Display Cabinets FAQ

01 What's the difference between hutches and china cabinets?

Hutches often feature a freestanding unit that rests above its bottom half and contains cabinets, a display case, or both, which distinguishes them from china cabinets, which are created in one piece. The lower half of the hutch has a countertop, cabinets, or drawers.

02 How large are china cabinets?

Two-glass china cabinets are normally 36" wide with a 16" depth, whereas three-glass china cabinets are typically 45" wide with a 17" depth.

03 Where can I find china cabinets online? has many china cabinets to choose from. Maybe you're int he market for a quality antique cabinet, perfect for displaying your family heirlooms. Or maybe you want a more modern piece, in which case we've also got you covered!


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  1. SOMBRE Display Cabinet Ebony Black 4 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-942

    83.75H x 24.63W x 16D

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  2. CORINNE Display Cabinet Limed Gray Oak Glass 4 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-951

    92H x 30W x 17D

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  3. FLORENCE Display Cabinet Chestnut Alder Oak

    SKU: ZT-847

    91H x 36W x 20D

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  4. VICTORIA Display Cabinet Chocolate Oak MDF

    SKU: ZT-848

    91H x 49W x 18.50D

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  5. LORING Display Cabinet Light Gray Reclaimed Pine Wood 5 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-885

    90.50H x 53W x 19D

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  6. SWAIN Display Cabinet Light Burnt Oak 3 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-893

    91H x 31W x 16D

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  7. JACQUES Display Cabinet Beige Wood Hiroshi 3 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-3126

    93H x 41W x 19D

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  8. DENNIS Display Cabinet Charcoal Pine Poplar Plywood Wood 2 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-1153

    90H x 53W x 33D

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  9. PETER Display Cabinet Beige Pine Poplar Plywood Wood 3 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-1229

    90.50H x 78W x 22D

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  10. TRISTAO Display Cabinet Charcoal Wood Hiroshi 3 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-1230

    67.50H x 91.50W x 21.25D

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  11. CALANTHE Display Cabinet Light Gray 4 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-1295

    83H x 57W x 11.50D

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Showing: 1-12 of 52 results

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