Traditional Style Furniture

The traditional style of interior décor provides a fantastic feeling of elegance and romance. It is highlighted by the ornate furnishings, elaborate carving, and simplicity.

Traditional style design dates back to 17th century Europe. It has outlived many antique style interior designs because the style is highly preferred by individuals that love the simple, classic, and comfy nature of traditional style designed spaces. The furniture sets are usually quality furniture made by old-world craftsmanship, which is typically hand-carved dark wood that is good for both formal and informal settings. 

Quality Home Design

At EuroLux, we offer you a combination of comfortable furniture, chandeliers, boxes, and every other item you need to give your living space the traditional style interior design you love. If you love dark woods, rich tones, and refined colors, then our traditional style of furniture and other products are perfect for you. We offer you a variety of items with different options in sizes and colors. 

European Decor for All Tastes

No matter what your distinct taste in traditional style, furniture, and products is, EuroLux has something for you. Most of our traditional sets can blend into existing traditional style interior décor, and if you’re looking to give your space an entire revamp, we have all you need to achieve a 100% classic style living space. 

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Why Traditional Style Furniture and Décor Items?

The traditional style of furniture and products work well in all kinds of living areas and suit individuals with a rich taste in furniture and décor quality. Whether it’s a formal or informal living room or just a casual family room, traditional style furniture and products can make it pop and have a soothing effect. 

Traditional Decorating

As a seasoned online furniture dealer, we always recommend our customers to go with products that are comfortable and transform their house into a home; that is what traditional products offer you. The furniture sets incorporate design elements from a variety of centuries and are plush and soft, making your space look elegant and comfortable at the same time. One of the fantastic things about these unique products is that they blend into existing decors, enhancing the appearance while allowing you to use many of your original pieces of furniture. Most of all, traditional stylings are children and pet-friendly, which makes it one of the choicest furniture periods. 

What Types of Traditional Style Furniture and Products Are Available?

We have different types of traditional products and accessories, and we offer you the best from which to select. We have traditional decor for all sorts of color palettes and interior design styles. 

Traditional Style Chairs

We have different types of traditional-style chairs, including accent chairs, arms chairs, bar stools, benches, dining chairs, loveseats, kitchen chairs, and more. You seating options are immense, from dining room to home office to bedroom. All of these pieces are made from quality wood and upholstery. We also offer complete dining sets.

Traditional Style Tables

Our traditional style tables are numerous and include accent tables, bar tables, center tables, dining tables, games tables, lamp tables, and many more. Each of these pieces is guaranteed to become the focal point of your space, and impress the interior designer in your life. Other options include console tables, side tables, end tables, and coffee tables. 

Other Traditional Furniture

We have a variety of bedroom furniture in this style. These pieces include bed frames, nightstands, and even sideboards depending on your needs. 

Traditional Style Chandeliers and Light Fixtures

So much more goes into your home decor than just furniture pieces. Lighting is important as well. For that need, we've got you covered, offering floor lamps, chandeliers,table lamps, and wall lamps. From traditional to modern design, has you covered. 

At, we've got the right classic furniture for your traditional home. This timeless style, with its rich colors and ornamentation, is sure to enhance any space. Other popular styles we offer include Victorian, Rococo, and more!

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Traditional FAQ

01 What is Traditional furniture?

Traditional furniture is a formal style of furniture. This is a fancy way of saying "fancy". It was popular up until around the end of the Victorian period.

02 Where can I find Traditional furniture?

Most furniture stores offer Traditional furniture in some form or another. At EuroLux, our selection is handpicked for its quality. Most of the pieces in our Traditional collection are genuine antiques.

03 What is the difference between Traditional and Contemporary furniture?

William and Mary, Queen Anne, Victorian, and Chippendale are examples of traditional furniture styles. Ornate furnishings with intricate carving and an emphasis on motifs and signature looks are required for the styles. More modern styles, such as Bauhaus and post-modern, give birth to contemporary furniture.

04 Why choose Traditional furniture?

Traditional furniture is distinguished by the fact that it is timeless and always in style. This makes it ideal for spaces that you don't want to repaint or refresh frequently ? places like your sitting room or bedroom, for example, can often work well with conventional furniture because these are the rooms you're least likely to remodel.

05 Does offer antique Traditional furniture?

We sure do! Whether you're looking for a decorative sofa or an imposing sideboard, we've got you covered. Traditional furniture is one of our personal favorite interior design styles.


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  1. Chandelier KALCO IBIZA Traditional Antique 20-Light Copper Dry Rating Dimmable

    SKU: KL-1131

    56H x 50.50W x 50.50D


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  2. Dinghy Traditional Antique Real Whitehall 17-Ft 4-People Marine Varnish

    SKU: OM-91

    25.80H x 53.50W x 204L


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  3. Chandelier KALCO IBIZA Traditional Antique 12-Light Copper Dry Rating Dimmable

    SKU: KL-1027

    35H x 37.25W x 37.25D


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  4. 4-Seat Leather Sofa Hand-Crafted, Wood, Brown Top Grain Leather

    SKU: MK-401

    34H x 105W x 40D


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  5. Leather Sofa, Bustle-Back, Wing Back, Wood, Dark Red, Nailhead

    SKU: MK-424

    42H x 91W x 41.50D


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  6. Sofa Wood Leather Nailhead Trim Not Available Removable Leg Sleeper H MK-215

    SKU: MK-215

    36H x 83.50W x 37D


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  7. Top Grain Leather Sofa, Antique, Scroll Arms, Nailhead, Wood, 3-Seat

    SKU: MK-202

    38H x 89W x 38D


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  8. Leather Sofa, Wood, Brown Leather Upholstered, Wing Back, Nailhead Pattern

    SKU: MK-427

    39H x 91W x 41D


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