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Welcome to the EuroLux Transitional Style Furniture and Interior Decor Page, where we offer you the best collection of transitional design items that complement any space. If you love the comforting, elaborate feel of traditional style decor items but wish to have something a bit more sleek and contemporary, our sophisticated, clean, and serene transitional style decor furniture and accessories are for you. Our transitional decor items’ simple color palette and emphasis on texture over patterns create an atmosphere that’s timeless for everyone. With our transitional design decor items, you won’t be caught between choosing either traditional or contemporary style designs as you get to blend both to your taste. With our different transitional decor items and furniture for different rooms, you’ll create a living or office space that’s both simple and sophisticated at the same time. 

Why Transitional Style Furniture and Decor Items

People prefer transitional style interior decor because it allows them to express themselves. When it comes to interior decor for your home or office, you surely want a style that reflects your personality and taste. If you like some components of traditional style decor, and yet wish to spice your space up with modern contemporary style decor elements, then transitional style decor is your best bet.

Natural Colors

Transitional furniture often features neutral colors and straight lines, meaning it can fit in any home decor or design style. These furniture pieces benefit your interior design anywhere, from bedroom to entryway to home office. Some of them bring a mid-century modern vibe, while others feature a more contemporary design. 

Timeless Style

Transitional decor style features furniture, accessories, accents, and more, with the aesthetic, classiness, and timelessness qualities of traditional styling and the modernity of contemporary styling, everything you need to reflect your style and make a striking decor statement. This unique style of interior decor is comfortable and functional, suitable for the lifestyle of an active household. 

Our transitional living room home furnishings and decor accessories include:

-Accent Chairs and Tables

-Bracket Shelves

-Dining tables

-side tables


-area rugs

-entryway furniture


-Ceiling Fixtures



-Light Fixtures

-Pendant Light



-Wall Sconce, and More

Transitional Style Bedroom Furniture and Accents

We also sellbedroom furniture and decor items in a transitional stylethat gives your bedroom a calming and sophisticated feel. No matter thetype of bedroom furniture or accent, whether clean, contemporary or traditional style, we offer you products that blend to give you a transitional spark.

Each of these home design pieces features clean lines and bold color that are sure to enhance your transitional interior design. Many pieces in this interior design style include quality upholstery and ornamentation, ensuring that the piece of modern design becomes the focal point of your space. 

For more information about this style, you can check out our detailed guide here!

Our transitional bedroom furniture and decor accessories include:


·Wall Decor


·Throw Pillows

·Storage Cabinets

·Bedside Tables




·Ceiling Fixtures


·Light Fixtures, and More

Transitional Style Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture and Accents

We also offer specially selected kitchen and dining room furniture and accents in a transitional style that will highlight your rich taste in interior decor. 

Our transitional kitchen and dining furniture and decor accessories include:

·Dining chairs and tables

·Candle stands and holders


·Ceiling Fixtures


·Chest of Drawers

·Storage Cabinets


·Hall Cabinets

·Plate Stands

·Trays, and More

Where to Buy Transitional Products Online?

If you’re looking for the best online stores for transitional products, EuroLux is the best amongst the rest. Our online transitional products store features everything you need, from new and antique transitional decor items down to transitional furniture. Whether you're looking to enhance your transitional home room design, or want to add some transitional spaces to your traditional design, has you covered. Our products are made of the highest quality materials, and we invite you to make your choice and place your order now.

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Transitional FAQ

01 What is the difference between Traditional and Transitional furniture?

The transitional design incorporates both traditional and contemporary furnishings and finishes. Because transitional style is more influenced by current design, the aesthetic is less formal and more comfortable.

02 What are Transitional colors?

Transitional paint colors include beige, grays, browns, and even dramatic accent hues such as charcoal. Other neutral tones and warm earth hues might be used as well. There are no fixed color palettes, however monochromatic themes are recommended to avoid a cluttered appearance.

03 What is Transitional style?

With smooth, merging features that produce a warm yet modern vibe, transitional style emphasizes natural light and a relaxed feel. Consider transitional style for a warm but modern look if your style is in between classic and modern.

04 What does Transitional sofa mean?

Transitional furniture is created by combining traditional and contemporary components. The combination of textured fabric and clean, contemporary design gives transitional couches a relaxed elegance. To soften the straight appearance, designers usually incorporate a subtle curve around the arms or frame.

05 Where can I find Transitional furniture? offers a wide variety of Transitional furniture. Whether you're in the market for an antique sofa or dining table, you've come to the right place.


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  1. Pendant Light KALCO TAZA Transitional 9-Light Chrome Clear Glass Tempered Dry

    SKU: KL-1430

    14H x 36W x 36D


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  2. Sofa Southwestern Southwestern Wood Leather Wood Leather Removab MK-160

    SKU: MK-160

    36H x 86W x 36.50D


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  3. Dining Table SARREID CAMBRIDGE Transitional Pedestal Base Brown

    SKU: SA-5281

    30H x 54W x 54D


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  4. Chandelier KALCO Transitional 4-Light Platinum 3000K Bulb Gray Hand-Forged

    SKU: KL-1304

    31.50H x 36W x 36D


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  5. Pendant Light KALCO TAZA Transitional 6-Light Chrome Clear Glass Solid Dry

    SKU: KL-1429

    12H x 28W x 28D


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  6. Credenza Sideboard JOHN-RICHARD MIGRATION Transitional Migrating Birds 6-Leg

    SKU: JR-412

    38.50H x 88W x 19D


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  7. Chandelier St. Michel Luna Bella Iron Silver Hand-Painted Glass Panels 5-Arm

    SKU: LB-29

    40H x 35W x 35D


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  8. Pendant Light KALCO PACIFICA Transitional 2-Tier Open Frame Tapered Tapering

    SKU: KL-1401

    28H x 24W x 24D


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  9. Semi-Flush Pendant Light KALCO MIRAMAR Transitional 5-Light Rose Silver Acrylic

    SKU: KL-740

    18H x 26W x 26D


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  10. Pendant Lamp GENEVA Transitional 25-Light Polished Nickel Royal-Cut Crystal

    SKU: EL-1055

    63H x 60W x 60D


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  11. Chandelier KALCO HARPER Transitional 5-Light Painted Driftwood Accents Florence

    SKU: KL-1079

    36H x 32W x 32D


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