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We keep a large collection of new, vintage and antique vases on our website because people always fall in love with these charming pieces and they are always eager to buy more. It is impossible to have too many decorative urns and vases in one house, both for their practical use and their decorative appeal. Of course, a thoughtfully chosen one also makes a wonderful gift and an antique or vintage piece is especially treasured as a unique wedding gift for newlyweds. From glass vase to flower vase, bud vase or a Japanese porcelain vase, clear glass to stoneware, antique glass and art pottery, we've got the centerpieces for you. These collectible pieces of earthenware are sure to impress. We can 

Among our vintage pieces, the pretty Italian Capodimonte vases are always very popular, whether with a lid or without one. These colorful designs are hand-painted to bring a touch of the Mediterranean sunshine and flowers into your home. Another popular name in vintage ceramics is Bequet from Belgium. Hubert Bequet crafted colorful high-quality ceramic vases and urns with gold rims and ornately elaborate designs and we often carry signed Bequet pieces. Delftware from Holland is another classic, with the blue and white design that is often seen on lidded ginger jars. A collection of these displayed together looks especially lovely, with a crisp nautical feel that is perfect for coastal homes.

All Styles of Vase Here!

Whatever your interior design style, we have many new decorative accents to suit you. From Art Deco to Art Nouveau, antique French and Victorian, we've got the pieces to take your home decor to the next level. Many of these were crafted in the late 19th century and early 20th century. When you find a statement piece that you love, snap it up! It will add a pop of color to your room and if it is highly decorative or has an unusual silhouette, it can stand alone as a focal point on a center table, mantelpiece, or sideboard.

Modern Vases, Bottle Vases and more!

Many of these decorative vases and flower vases feature blown glass, a shiny way to add a gleam to your living room. A large vase or table vase could be a perfect fit in your rustic dining room. We can even offer you an entire vase set, perfect with your candleholders, console tables, or dining tables! 

For example, a hand-painted Chinoiserie design on a tall and shapely urn will create a sculptural look. A pair standing at either end of the mantle will anchor the fireplace, flanking a mirror or piece of art in the center. Vivid art glass or elegant crystal glass will always brighten a room. Whether you are seeking new, antique, or vintage vases, you are sure to find something to enchant you. From floor vase to cylinder vase, floral vases for your fresh flowers or a lovely Mid-Century Modern piece crafted from blue glass, we've got what you need.