Victorian Style

This eternally popular home decor style is named for the period when the British Queen Victoria reigned. She was on the throne from 1837 to 1901 - an exceptionally long reign in royal history. This was the height of the British Empire and the Queen and the people of this era, especially the rising middle classes, left a huge legacy around the world. Antique Victorian style furniture can still be found in homes across the globe.

The industrial revolution had created a new population of middle class people who for the first time had money to spend. They wanted to furnish their homes in a way that showed off their prosperity and status. And boy did they show it off! The taste in this era was highly decorative and ornate.

What makes it Victorian?

Typical Victorian decor for home included heavy and substantial looking furniture made in dark woods, elaborate carvings, exaggerated curves, and very ornamented details including extravagant hardware. Popular materials included mahogany and rosewood to give that dark and luxurious look to furniture, as well as sturdy iron and marble.

This was also an era when the middle class started to have a lively social life, entertaining their friends with dinner parties and other gatherings. This placed an emphasis on the public reception rooms in a house. Everyone wanted to impress so they were happy to splurge on fashionable furniture to decorate these spaces used for socializing.

What inspired Victorian style furniture?

Furniture design pulled on various styles from the past, especially Gothic style and also  Renaissance and Louis XV Rococo, all creatively reinterpreted.   These revival styles were popular among the fashion leaders and influencers of the time. Queen Victoria especially championed the extravagant French Rococo style and in the USA, Mary Todd Lincoln also appreciated the Rococo look. As such, gilding with gold leaf also returned to fashion as a way to convey a sense of wealth.

Homeowners loved to mix all these influences together in their interior design. Their exuberant tastes included the ornate and decorative patterns on rugs and wallpapers, which showed themes and designs drawn from all corners of the British Empire, especially India.

Victorian Era Furniture for the Living Room

Victorian furniture is a great way to add 19th century glamour to your home. Quality seating options are important, and this style is a great way to get there. We'd recommend browsing this style's side chairs, rocking chairs, accent chairs, or even loveseats to meet your seating needs. 

If you're looking for a larger pieces of antique furniture, we'd recommend a sideboard or armoire, which is a type of piece always guaranteed to make a statement. 

Other Victorian antique living room furniture options include coffee tables, side tables, accent tables, bookcases, and chaise products. One thing is sure- your Victorian living room is sure to impress. 

Whether you own a Victorian home or just love to decorate in this style, you will find plenty to love in our collection of antique Victorian style furniture and new furnishings with high-quality period reproductions of pieces for every room.  Whether you're in the market for a Victorian bedroom or dining room design, this amazing furniture style has something for everyone.

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Victorian FAQ

01 Is Victorian an English style?

Victorian style is a quintessential English style. It is full of regality, and is named after Queen Victoria. It doesn't get much more English than that!

02 What is the Victorian style of furniture?

Victorian style is usually carved with dark woods. It tends to feature more ornate carvings than many other antique styles, with all sorts of motifs that make your living room, dining room or bedroom look like a royal chamber.

03 What wood does Victorian furniture use?

Oak, walnut, mahogany, and rosewood were common woods used in Victorian furniture, and some tabletops and sideboards were topped with marble.

04 Why is Victorian furniture small?

The evolution of furniture is dominated by style, textiles, and materials. However, there is theory ? backed up by statistics ? that we as humans were just shorter in stature and that furniture was designed to reflect this. We basically sat lower the lower we stood.

05 Where can I find antique Victorian furniture?

If you're looking for quality Victorian furniture, you've come to the right place. Victorian is among our most popular styles. Whether you're looking for an antique dining table, bed, or sideboard, we've got something for you.


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