Vintage Life: We're Floored!

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Vintage Life: We're Floored!

The renovation of our 1920s bungalow has truly been a labor of love. You’ve seen the tile floors go down and penny tiles in the bathroom.  We replaced the roof too as well as building a cat porch. Now we’re excited to put down laminate flooring.

Laminate2 We had originally thought that we’d refinish the original hardwood floors, but most of the boards were dry-rotted and had to be completely removed.

We chose a dark walnut laminate rather than true hardwood floors because of the durability against scratches from the dogs’ nails.

We liked this particular laminate because it had staggered sizes of boards and it has a textural wood grain feel. It also has a vintage or distressed look to it, and it has a very thick attached padding to the underside.

Greg worked with our handyman, Frank, to put down the laminate, which we had never done before. They started in the front living room.
Laminate Floor FrontRoomIt really went pretty fast! Greg and Frank were able to lay the laminate in the front living room and dining room in one day.

Laminate floor DiningRoom

In this shot of the dining room, you’re getting an early peep at the kitchen. I’ll show you how the kitchen came together in the next Vintage Life blog. Next came the master bedroom:

Laminate floor MasterBedroom

And then the closet:

Laminate Closet Do you like my vintage Capodimonte light fixture in the closet? I love it!

IkeaClosetNow that the floors were down, we could build the closets that we purchased from Ikea. Ikea does know how to provide a great amount of storage space in a small area. Our master closet is now in the same footprint as the only original bathroom in the house.

Now that we actually had flooring throughout the entire house, we could start bringing in furniture, which made us feel like we were really making progress!

We started with the vintage green leather English sofa and chair set that we had purchased in Asheville.

Vintage Leather furniture

Next we brought over our bed...


...and our antique dining room table and chairs.
antique dining table and chairsStay tuned! The kitchen is the last piece that is truly needed before we can move in and that will be the next Vintage Life blog post!

1920s bungalow interior design | interior design
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