Wall Lamps

Wall Lamps

A number of antique style wall lamps are available in South Carolina in different styles and shapes. These colorful fixtures are wall supported and they beautifully light up your hallways and corridors. Wall sconces do not require much space and are used to provide extra light to these places. You can buy our modern contemporary sconces to enhance the look of your bedrooms as well. 

Why Wall Lamps?

There are many reasons to choose wall lights over floor lights, even though both can be lovely! There are just certain situations and room setups that call for wall lighting. A big reason you may choose a wall light fixture is space. If your living room or dining room is already occupied by lots of furniture, floor space is hard to come by. The wall provides much needed space to light your room up! We love wall lamps because of their versatility. They can truly be used in any room, and even your entryway! Whether you're in the market for dimmable ceiling fans or an outdoor wall light, we've got what you need. 

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Our selection of wall lighting is immense. Some are adjustable. Others feature a swing arm to allow mobility to your light bulbs. For your bathroom lighting needs, we also offer vanity lights, perfect for your bathroom vanity! A quality bathroom vanity light (cabinet lighting) casts a shine over your morning routine. Each of these pieces, whether using an LED bulb or fluorescent, is sure to enhance your home decor. Plug-in and experience the luxury of a quality swing arm wall lamp, antique brass wall mount lighting, arm sconce, or other lovely piece of lighting! 

Other options include picture lights, task lighting, ambient lighting, desk lamps and more!

Luxury Materials and Styles

The materials and colors used in these designs is what makes them so special. With quality construction with materials such as clear glass, antique brass, linen shades, nickel finish, bronze finish, satin nickel, stainless steel, polished nickel, and more, you can be sure that your purchase will enhance your space. 

Our selection of styles can fit with anything. Choose from transitional, retro, Mid-Century Modern, minimalist and more! 

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From ceiling lights to chandeliers, flushmounts to glass shades, matte black floor lamps and more, each of our pieces is of the highest quality. Other options include lamp shades, fabric shades, outdoor lighting, reading lights and many other lighting fixtures. The choice is yours.

Wall Lamps FAQ

01 When should I use wall lights?

What is the best place to put wall lighting? Wall lights can be used in any room, both inside and out. A wall-mounted fixture provides extra illumination when used in conjunction with ceiling lights, while employing wall lights instead of overhead lighting creates a more ambient feel and reduces glare.

02 Should wall lights be in pairs?

As shown above, a pair will add a charming touch of symmetry, while a series of wall lights strung across a long living room will help create pace and unity.

03 Do wall sconces provide enough light?

A wall sconce doesn't need to offer a lot of light, or lumens, in most situations. In the bathroom, though, a pair of brighter-bulb wall sconces flanking the mirror over the lavatory or vanity can give ample light for grooming while also contributing to the room's styling, or d?cor.

04 How do I pick wall lighting?

The optimum height for wall lights is roughly 5ft (or around 1.5m) above the ground as a general rule of thumb, though this can vary depending on the proportions of the room. If the top of the light is at eye level, make sure you choose a light that looks nice in the room.

05 How much wall lighting do I need?

One fixture every 8 to 10 feet should suffice, though the lumen output and size of the room and fixtures may necessitate somewhat more or less space. A more natural layout is to stagger the lights so that they don't line up across the hallway.