Wall Mirrors

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are a great piece of wall decor perfect for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or entryway. Whether it's a beveled, frameless, or accent mirror, we've got the pieces to make any room spectacular. With so many amazing new arrivals, it's no wonder these glass mirrors are some of our best sellers- they bring glam fit for a gallery wall. 

Mirrors are a great fit for any room for many reasons. A quality mirror set can make a small room look large, or makes a large room look larger. A full length mirror gives you the ability to get ready in style. Overall, these pieces reflect light in a way that adds sophistication to your home decor.

Wall Mirrors at EuroLuxHome.com

At EuroLuxHome.com, we understand the benefit that a luxurious, large mirror can bring to your home. Whether it's a framed mirror or arch mirror you're in the market for, we've got what you need to take the decor of your home to new heights. From 19th century Victorian or Rococo antique wall mirrors to more modern Art Deco pieces, our online store has you covered. 

Minimalist or more!

For those trying to enhance their home decor as they get ready in the morning, we'd recommend a bathroom vanity mirror. A bathroom vanity is one of the most classic decorative mirrors, and is truly a piece of wall art. These rectangular or round wall mirrors sometimes feature a metal frame or wood frame, depending on the style. Beveled glass adds a certain aesthetic to your wall mounted home decor, and contrasted with natural wood, creates a perfect piece for your room. From oval wall mirrors to rustic, sunburst round mirrors, our selection brings you accessibility and luxury.

What Materials do these Wall Mirrors use?

We offer mirrors crafted from a wide variety of quality materials. Some pieces feature antique gold, while others are of the antique silver variety. If you're looking for a wood mirror, some of our other hanging mirrors feature solid wood such as oak or walnut. The quality design that each mirror features is sure to become the focal point of any space. 

Whether you're in the market for rectangle mirrors, frameless mirrors or frame mirrors, our selection of products is sure to have something to meet your needs. Your home deserves a quality set of wall mirrors, and we can provide them. We also offer other wall hangings including sconces and more.

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Wall Mirrors FAQ

01 How do I pick the right wall mirror?

Make sure to pick the right size. If you want the mirror to be the centerpiece, it's wise to go with a larger one. However, if you're just looking to enhance the lighting in your space, we'd recommend a smaller one. Too many large mirrors and you'll feel like you're in a house of mirrors!

02 How thick should a wall mirror be?

Mirrors are offered in 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 inch thicknesses for household use. If you want good quality, you should opt for thicker mirrors. So, if your budget allows, you should always choose a mirror that is 1/4 inch thick.

03 Can I put a wall mirror in the living room?

With its reflected qualities to lighten and widen a space, combined with the aspect of intriguing design, a well-positioned mirror changes a [room],' explains Pacey. When placed correctly, a mirror may give the impression of greater space in a room, making it a great addition to small living room ideas.

04 Should I get a round or rectangular wall mirror?

If you're only getting one mirror, we'd recommend a round mirror. Round mirrors can be a nice change of pace from straight-edged furniture. Rectangular mirrors can still look great in this situation too!

05 What types of wall mirrors does EuroLuxHome.com offer?

We offer wall mirrors in all sorts of styles. Not only do we offer plenty of antique mirrors that blend with your antique styles, but also a wide variety of vintage and modern styles to boot.


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  1. Canoe Table Cocktail Coffee Traditional Antique 5-Ft Glass Top Canadian Western

    SKU: OM-102

    19.75H x 16.75W x 59.50L


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  2. Book Table Woodbridge Sonoma Hand-Planed Maple Cherry Drinks Shelf

    SKU: WB-696

    25H x 25W x 14D


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  3. Book Table End Side Butler Loft Dark Brown Distressed Black Tan Mango 1 -

    SKU: BT-899

    20H x 16.25W x 10D


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