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Wastepaper Baskets

Wastepaper Baskets

At, we're proud to offer you a wide selection of high quality home office furniture. From writing desks to swivel chairs, stainless steel paperweights and more, we've got a truly massive selection of home decor products. But there's another element of your home office interior design that many decorators overlook. A simple need, but an important one. A subtle touch to your home, but one that serves a practical purpose: a waste paper basket! The office is your work space. And work spaces usually involve paper. But if you don't have anywhere convenient to throw this paper away, then you'll be dealing with a lot of clutter! Fortunately, we've got a wide selection of products to meet your needs. 

Quality Waste Bins

Each of our wastebaskets is practical and durable. After all, you want your garbage cans to be able to stand the test of time! Perhaps a wired trash can is what you need. Not only does the metal wiring ensure that the piece is stable, but it also keeps the garbage bin lightweight for easy emptying and storage! Just imagine how convenient it will be to have one of these in your home office, just a stone's throw (or paper's throw) away. You won't even have to leave your seat, maximizing your efficiency at work! We have all sorts of kinds of wastebaskets available. Maybe a rattan piece will tickle your fancy, with a luxurious style that can blend almost anywhere. Or perhaps a metal wastebasket is the piece your home deserves, with a solid construction that ensures it'll last for years! Another benefit to metal pieces like the ones we offer is that they can blend with the color scheme of any space- after all, metallic gray is a very neutral color! 

Fit for Any Room!

These waste paper baskets are sure to enhance every space. You could consider using one as a bathroom trash can, a perfect place to throw away plastic trash and more. A rectangular wastebasket could enhance your living room, and we can offer a plastic insert to boot! From laundry room decor to bathroom accessories, from recycling bins and more, our selection is selected to impress. Feel free to reach out for help via our chat window. One of the owners will be in contact shortly to apply their decades of decor experience to help you! Thanks for stopping by, and happy browsing!