Zentique boasts that it offers "ten thousand different ways to decorate your home or office" and the claim is a fair one! The company makes creative home furnishings, furniture, lighting and accessories that are a little different compared to anything that you see elsewhere. Unusual, eclectic and eye-catching, every piece makes a style statement.

What materials does Zentique use? 

As far as materials go, Zentique uses the best when it comes to creating their art. Using resin, canvas, crystal, geode and more, this brand uses unique materials that are sure to catch the eye of any visitor. Zentique then decorates these already beautiful materials with resin pigment, acrylic paint and much more to add a splash of color. For those who like the look of crystal, we'd recommend browsing their selection of quartz and natural geode art.

What Zenqitue products are available at EuroLuxHome.com? 


The Alair chair boasts a zebra print upholstery, but instead of the black and white pattern that some might find too bold to live with, the Alair upholstery is in understated rusty earth tones that give a fresh take on a classic. Curved wood arms are an elegant finishing touch to this attractive chair. A hide leather lounge chair slung on a metal frame is the perfect choice for updating your Western theme decor or for any space that you want to reflect your casual lifestyle. The Samson sideboard crafted in attractive reclaimed pine wood is a handsome and versatile piece that will work with many decor styles while offering ample storage space in eleven drawers of varying sizes. The curved Babette sofa makes the glamour meter light up, with its sexy white upholstery and gold legs. A transparent acrylic wingback chair with Arctic white upholstery gives a postmodern touch to the classic wingback styling, and it will be a scene-stealer in your living room or dining room, or as a flamboyant occasional chair in your boudoir, large powder room or dressing room.

Some Zentique furniture pieces are based on antique furniture, including antique French, European and Chinese furniture. Innovative lighting designs include sculptural table lamps and lamps with irregular stacked wood or branch style bases that are ideal for your rustic decor. Home accessories and decorative accents range from wall mirrors and clocks to statues, vases and urns. Each distinctive piece will capture your imagination and give an instant makeover to your home decor.

Other home decor products include coasters, geode resin artwork, wall art, and maybe a pillow or bar stool if you're looking to add a casual vibe to your space.

If you love the unique flair of Zentique furniture, browse our selection of creative home furnishings today!

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Zentique FAQ

01 What products does Zentique offer?

Zentique is a different kind of home decor brand. They offer all sorts of creative wall decor and seating, and would look great in today's modern homes.

02 Does Zentique offer accent decor?

Yes, Zentique offers a wide variety of accent decor, including lamps and wall decorations. You can't go wrong with their unique taste and style.

03 Does EuroLux offer Zentique?

EuroLux offers plenty of Zentique products. Browse our selection today.

04 Where is Zentique located?

Zentique is based in Atlanta, GA. However, you can order all the products you need from their collection at our website, EuroLuxHome.com.


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  1. Display Cabinet PETER Beige Poplar Pine 3 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-1229

    90.50H x 78W x 22D

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  2. Table Cabinet Weathered Oak

    SKU: ZT-874

    79H x 63W x 35D

    view details
  3. Display Cabinet TRISTAO Charcoal Wood 3 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-1230

    67.50H x 91.50W x 21.25D

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  4. Sofa ALEX Raw Umber Natural Elm Silk Pine

    SKU: ZT-1106

    38H x 103W x 35D

    view details
  5. Sofa LILIANE Chocolate Brown

    SKU: ZT-1636

    31.50H x 82W x 32D

    view details
  6. Armoire Wardrobe ENZO Beige Poplar Pine

    SKU: ZT-1168

    82H x 71W x 24.75D

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  7. Bed GEORGE King Royal Blue

    SKU: ZT-3218

    55H x 80W x 84.50D

    view details
  8. Display Cabinet DENNIS Charcoal Pine Poplar 2 -Shelf

    SKU: ZT-1153

    90H x 53W x 33D

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  9. Sofa JOELLE Onyx Black

    SKU: ZT-762

    28H x 90W x 39D

    view details
  10. Sofa JUSTE Chocolate Brown

    SKU: ZT-1634

    35H x 84.75W x 36.75D

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  11. Sofa EILEEN Cream

    SKU: ZT-1263

    32.50H x 97.25W x 33.50D

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