If you love travel-inspired decor, then travel trunk furniture was made for you! These newly made furnishings look like original antique luggage that has been around the world and back, and they evoke the nostalgia of the days of vintage travel. For example, pieces from the Jonathan Charles Voyager collection vary in their details, but they are cleverly crafted to look like trunks while actually serving as chests of drawers, coffee tables and storage boxes. They are made in materials like leather and oak, with brass fittings and leather straps. Sometimes they include vintage style map designs printed on the lining of the interiors. These are exactly the kind of finishing touch details that you expect from our high-quality furniture! We also carry a beautiful collection of antique trunks for sale. 

These romantic storage trunk boxes are terrific choices if you enjoy whimsical style and if you want to dream of adventures far abroad. They are superb conversation points as everyone loves examining the minute details, including vintage labels that add yet more old-fashioned charm. Some pieces have drawers or removable trays to provide storage for your vacation souvenirs. If you long for the luxurious travel of yesteryear, these finely crafted pieces look so authentic in your decor, you will be able to indulge your fantasies of riding the Orient Express. Some designs are based on Edwardian originals dating to around 1910. 

A similar hand-distressed wood, leather and brass piece by Scarborough House serves as a cocktail table, while a brown leather faux crocodile and brass version conjures up an even more exotic atmosphere. 

Or perhaps you would like a genuinely antique trunk to create an Old World feel in your decor? Our collection varies by availability as each antique is a one-off, but we have antique storage trunks for sale imported from France, England, other European countries and China that are marvelously sturdy as they are made of wood or brass. They will look enchanting in your traditional home and create a welcoming atmosphere as well as being useful for storage.