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Looking for somewhere adorable to store your magazines or newspapers? How about a piece of home decor for storing fruit on your kitchen table? Or maybe you're in the market for something to blend with your rattan living room. Regardless of your tastes, you've come to the right place. At, our selection of storage baskets gives you an option for every style. 

Basket Sets and More!

Nothing adds a touch of loveliness to your home decor like a quality decorative basket. Whether it is the craftsmanship demonstrated by a woven basket or seagrass basket, or the functionality of having your home decor also provide storage, we've found that customers keep coming back for quality storage decor. A wicker basket could provide a casual place to set your valuables without the clunkiness of a storage bin. A rope basket could blend well with your rustic decor. Maybe a set of woven storage baskets or nesting baskets can provide the convenience your home needs. You could even place some of these in your entryway for keys and other belongings! If you like to go on picnics and need something you can tote around, perhaps a basket with handles is what you need! Regardless of the piece you choose, the craftsmanship is sure to impress. 

Consider using these pieces as decorative storage as a centerpiece in your dining room as well! 

Quality Materials and Handiwork

The materials used to create these lovely home decor options are why they will last so long. Sturdy materials such as cotton rope and wood handles ensure the durability of our baskets. From large basket to small basket, these provide both storage space and handwoven excellence. We even have a few metal baskets, including wire baskets available for purchase! The woven design used to create these luxurious pieces provides a touch of texture that interior designers long for. You can rest assured that everything in our collection has been vetted. We specifically choose each piece based on its durability and the quality of its craftsmanship. From rectangular baskets to round baskets, throw pillows and more, we've got you covered. If you have any questions about any of our products or antiques in general, feel free to reach out via the chat window on our website. We'd be happy to apply our combined decades of antiques and decor experience to help you find your next favorite piece of furniture. Thanks for stopping by our site, and happy browsing!

Baskets & Boxes FAQ

01 How long do baskets last?

Baskets can be stored in a moderate environment indefinitely. It shouldn't be too dry (it shouldn't be in an attic) or too damp (it shouldn't be in a basement) (not in a humid area). Reed, on the other hand, has its limitations. The only method to know if your stored reed is suitable for basket weaving is to soak it for 15 minutes and test it.

02 Can I leave a wicker basket outside?

While it's fine to use your wicker on your deck, leaving it out there permanently, exposed to the elements, is not a good idea.

03 Should I oil my basket?

Handle your baskets with clean hands that are free of any lotion, oil, or grease. Body oils, as well as extreme humidity, can harm the baskets by generating stains, mold, and mildew.

04 Can I put a basket in the bathroom?

As long as it's a wire basket, yes. Roll up guest towels, tidy makeup, and stash those warm fuzzy slippers you love to wear after a bath. Because of the wide "weave" of this sort of basket, it's critical to keep everything neat.

05 Does offer baskets and boxes? offers a wide selection of home decor products. Baskets and boxes are no exception. With our collection, you'll be equipped to decorate your living room, dining room, entryway and bedroom.


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