Bedroom Furniture

At, we are proud to offer the quality of furniture you need to enhance your bedroom. From antique beds to nightstands, lighting, and much more, we've got you covered.

Antique beds and more!

 If you're looking to add a regal touch to your room, consider browsing our selection of beds. We have a variety of styles available, from Victorian bed to French bed. While we have some modern pieces, we recommend taking a look at our selection of antique beds. They've withstood the test of time, and make a statement in your bedroom. This durability is due to the use of high-quality materials: solid wood such as a walnut or mahogany. We can even set you up with a bedframe fashioned from brass. The strength of this material is why our antique beds have held up for the last 100 years, and why they will hold up for 100 more. When old furniture lasts for a century, it's because of great craftsmanship and great materials. From headboard to footboard, you can be assured you'll be sleeping in luxury. And just imagine how impressed your company will be if they see an antique bed in the guest room!

What sizes of bed are available?

As for bed size, we are able to set you up with a double bed, queen and king size bed. Simply put, you've got options.

If antiques aren't your style, but you still want top-tier furniture from years past, we'd recommend a vintage bed instead. These pieces are just as regal and sturdy as our antique beds, with the added benefit of a mid-century flair. Sizes range from double, queen, and king size, so whatever your bed needs may be, we can probably help.

Antique and Vintage Dressers

 You may also be interested in a dresser to enhance the atmosphere of your room. Also made from sturdy materials such as walnut and mahogany, a quality antique dresser has the potential to take your home to the next level and complement other pieces in your space. We offer wood dressers made from quality materials such as antique oak. Maybe an antique chest of drawers is what you need. If you're more of a modern stylist, we can also set you up with a Mid-Century Modern dresser chest or oak dresser. From Art Deco to Antique French, we've got every style you could need. We can even offer a dresser cabinet or dresser with a mirror if you're looking for added practicality. 

Antique and Vintage Nightstands

 Nothing complements the antique furniture in the room in which you sleep like a vintage or antique nightstand. A quality nightstand can can change how you view your master bedroom, through subtle contrasts or complements in the color of the solid wood. Not only do they look great, but they provide the storage you need to keep your valuables. An added benefit about this type of furniture is that is can double as an end table. Our antique nightstands range in style and material, from mahogany to walnut, marble top to brass top, etc.

Other Bedroom Furniture

With so many new arrivals, our catalog is sure to have something to impress. For your bedroom storage needs, we offer a wide variety of armoires that make a statement in your home decor, and they're some of our bestsellers. The great thing about these pieces is that they can be used in any room, whether it's dining room, living room, or even entryway. Maybe you're in the market for a bookcase, and we've got plenty. 

For extra seating, we'd recommend a bedroom bench. These pieces can be solid wood, or have the addition of upholstery. For additional storage, many of these benches double as storage benches, adding a practical touch to your antique or modern bedroom. We offer bedroom sets for large or small spaces. For other storage needs, you could consider a drawer chest or drawer dresser, some of our favorite furniture collections. 

We offer sideboards, a versatile piece of furniture, in many styles. Ranging from French Provincial style to a modern, shabby chic vibe, these pieces are sure to take your space to the next level.

Maybe a table lamp could provide the luxury light needed to give your space a makeover, reflecting light off of a dresser with mirror or credenza. From 18th century to 19th century to modern pieces, we've got all the decor you need. 

Bedroom Decor

There are so many trending ways to decorate a room outside of furniture. At, we've got that need covered. Check out our selection of area rugs- these pieces are beautifully decorated with clean lines. They're so pretty, we almost want to sell them as quilts! Maybe a set of throw pillows is what your heart desires, perfect for yours or a kids bedroom. 

There's a certain comfort that comes from being surrounded by old furniture-something about the atmosphere it creates. At EuroLux, we'd like to help you create that feeling in your own bedroom. All in all, if you're looking to enhance your bedroom with luxury antique furniture, look no further than From queen size to california king, special offers and storage space, from furniture sets to drapes, we've got what you need.

Bedroom FAQ

01 How do I arrange my bedroom?

Generally, you want the bed to be the centerpiece of your space. Place your dresser near the baseboard of the wall. Add nightstands to the side of your bed. Add a few lamps for lighting and you're good to go!

02 What type of antique bedroom furniture does offer?

We offer anything from antique beds to antique dressers. Maybe a Victorian nightstand is what your space needs. Regardless of your style preferences, we've got you covered.

03 What is most bedroom furniture made from?

Although wood is the most common material for bedroom furniture, some modern designs use metal, plastic, and even glass. The majority of bedroom furniture has a black or white finish and is made of wood.

04 Is Oak good for bedroom furniture?

Oak is a versatile wood that may be used in a variety of furniture applications. While its hardness makes it more difficult to work with than softer woods, oak is strong enough to be used for chairs, tables, beds, and other furniture.

05 Where can I find antique and vintage bedroom furniture?

If you're looking for quality bedroom furniture, you've come to the right place. At EuroLux, we offer a wide selection of bedroom interior design products, ranging from beds to nighstands and more.


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