Bar Carts

Bar Carts

Bar carts are a great way to add a touch of style to your home bar or kitchen. They can also be a convenient way of entertaining your guests! If you're looking for a place to find a wide selection of antique, vintage, and modern bar carts, look no further. 

Where to Place Your Bar Cart

It seems obvious to put your bar cart in your home bar. But there are actually many other excellent places you can place them in order to add class to your interior design. The truth is, home decor is an art as much as it is a science, so you've got options! Consider wheeling it out anytime you have guests in your living room. They can also be a great addition to your kitchen or dining area. The best part is, having mobile storage space is convenient in all sorts of ways. You don't even need to use them for drinks. You could use one for all of your dinnerware such as plates, glasses, etc. We've even seen customers put them in their bedroom!

Bar Carts Available at EuroLux

Eurolux offers a wide selection of bar carts for sale. Whether you're looking for something to match your Victorian decor or something with a more Mid-Century Modern style, we've got you covered. Browse our selection today and find your next favorite piece of bar furniture. 

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Bar Carts FAQ

01 How do I style my bar?

Fresh flowers, modest lamps, artwork, trays, and glasses are all fantastic additions to a bar's design. It's also crucial to curate and edit your bar space so that every bottle you own isn't on display (we know it's tough? try to be restrained!). Nobody wants to see your Popov and Georgi bottle collection.

02 What is the purpose of a bar cart?

The cart's goal is to be a location to make and serve cocktails, so make sure there's plenty of room.

03 Are bar carts practical?

This piece of furniture is not only utilitarian, but it's also a terrific way to show off your particular flair in a limited space. A bar cart can add compact mobility, usefulness, and flare to any place, from a screened porch to an outside deck or even an empty space between the living room and dining room.

04 How much weight can a bar cart hold?

The type of cart determines this. Smaller carts may have a weight capacity of 40 pounds per shelf, but larger solid wood bar carts may have a weight limit of 400 pounds per shelf.

05 Where should I put my bar cart?

While putting your bar cart in a living room or den is a common and entirely acceptable choice, you don't have to stop there. We've even seen customers keep them in their bedroom!

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