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Port Eliot furniture prides itself on its eclectic handcrafted wood furniture designs created by artisans in small specialty workshops. The company uses high-quality solid hardwood and other fine materials to match the standards of the superb furniture designs. No matter what piece you choose from this brand, chances are that their beautiful design will be able to enhance your room. Their large selection means there's something for everyone.

The originality of the styling is due to the eclectic inspirations for each piece of furniture. This ranges across many antique and vintage furniture periods and design movements. The inspirations also incorporate looks from various countries that have led the way in defining high style.

Cabinetmaker constructions by Port Eliot include hand-cut dovetail joinery and hand-rubbed finishes. These impressively finished pieces ensure that the wood boasts a handsome patina to complement the elegant design. Because the finishes are applied individually by hand, including hand-rubbing and distressing, every piece of handcrafted wood furniture is unique. There is no other piece that will look exactly the same.

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The wood used by Port Eliot for the Old Pine pieces is genuinely old timber so you will see the character and authentic age of the wood reflected in the finish. Every piece is different and nothing is mass produced!

The Port Eliot furniture collection includes tables of all kinds, chairs, cabinets and chests of drawers. The designs will work well with traditional and transitional decor schemes, and the looks have a scope that ranges from Mid-Century Modern to Hollywood Regency to French Country.

If you're looking for a luxurious seat for your living or dining room, Port Eliot has you covered. Enhance your dining room with a luxurious dining chair. If you'd like even more comfort from your seat, we'd recommend going with an english regency sofa to enhance your living room with a style that has held up for centuries.

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But this handcrafted wood furniture does not force customers into any style box - the eclectic pieces will blend beautifully into many types of home decor to suit your individual personality and taste. For example, where else would you find a pine table based on a Swedish table design originally created in Stockholm in 1750? Or a stunning console table based on a mid-1900s design by the influential French designer Pierre Cardin, crafted in mahogany with a mirror top and an antique gold trim?

There are too many choices to cover here. Whether you're looking for lighting, gothic design, diminutive sofa, and much much more, this brand is likely to have something that meets your needs. You will be sure to find a hand-crafted treasure for your home when you browse Port Eliot furniture on our website.

Port Eliot FAQ

01 Is Port Eliot high quality furniture?

The Port Eliot family has a long history in the premium home furnishings industry. Their promise to you is to provide you with unique and energizing design, superior quality, and exceptional value.

02 Why choose Port Eliot?

Port Eliot items offer a feeling of heritage and classicism while also incorporating contemporary aspects. They use the highest-quality materials, employ investment-grade construction procedures, and provide world-class finishing.

03 Does EuroLux offer Port Eliot?

EuroLux offers a wide variety of Port Eliot furniture. Browse our selection here!

04 Where is Port Eliot located?

Port Eliot has their furniture all over the country, including High Point, North Carolina. You can also find a selection of their products on EuroLuxHome.com!


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