Dining Room Furniture

Buy affordable and durable dining room furniture sets and accessories online at EuroLux. Add an exotic, luxurious, and stylish look to your dining room with our specially selected dining tables, dining chairs, dining benches and stools, dining storage, dining accessories, and more. Our elegant and durable complete dining table sets, whether with a marble dining table, wooden dining table, or glass dining table, bring out the beauty of your room and highlights your quality taste in furniture.

Buying dining room furniture sets is indeed crucial, but picking the right dining sets for your home is very important. At EuroLux, our dining tables and chairs are structured to give you comfort and durability and come in a big choice of styles, shapes, colors, and materials. We understand that the theme of your house plays a critical role in the dining furniture sets you purchase, and we offer something for everyone and every home interior decor theme. From new dining furniture sets to modern furniture sets, antique furniture sets, contemporary furniture sets, traditional furniture sets, and everything in between, we’ve got them all.

Our dining furniture comes in sets or singles and covers everything you need if you wish to refurbish your dining room or you want to add to existing furniture. 

Why Select Dining Room Furniture and Accessories?

Owning a dining room with classy and elegant dining features says a lot about your personality and taste in furniture and interior décor. Besides showing that you have a designated place for eating in your home, it also shows that you value quality, making a great first impression. Dining furniture sets, whether combined with dining chandeliers and light fixtures or not, make a bold and brilliant statement about your home. With quality furniture for the dining room made from durable materials, you’ll feel exceeding comfort and relaxation while you enjoy your meal with friends and family. The good news is that no matter what the shape of the dining room is, there’s always an item of dining furniture set to suit it. From round shaped dining tables to square-shaped dining tables and oval-shaped dining tables, there’s something for everyone. 

What Type of Dining Room Furniture Is Available?

We offer different types of dining room furniture sets including: 

Dining Room Tables

Our dining room tables are always the central element around which family and friends gather for meals. Our table sets for the dining room come in varieties of styles, shapes, and colors, from wooden tables to modern glass tables and metal dining tables. We also offer both large and small dining room tables, so no matter what your dining room size is, there’s something for you. 

Dining Room Chairs

Deciding on a set of dining chairs for your dining room can be a bit tricky because there are dining chairs in varieties of materials, shapes, styles, numbers, and colors. We sell them all, dining room chairs of sets of 4, 6, and 8, traditional leather chairs, wooden chairs, more formal upholstered chairs, and more. 

Dining Chandeliers, Light Fixtures, Cabinets, and Accessories

We also sell dining room chandeliers, light fixtures, cabinets, and accessories, everything necessary to give you a complete dining room you’ll be proud to own. 

Where to Buy the Best Dining Room Furniture and Accessories Online

If you’re looking where to buy the best dining room furniture sets and accessories, EuroLux is your trusted furniture dealer online. Our furniture is produced with high-quality materials, and we invite you to make your choice and place your order now.

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Dining Room Furniture FAQ

01 How many pieces of furniture should be in a dining room?

The first two pieces of furniture are unquestionably required dining room basics, but the latter two are optional depending on the size of your area. Buffets and hutches are excellent places to store extra plates and silverware.

02 Does dining room lighting have to be centered?

The light should be positioned over the dining table rather than in the center of the room. Before you install your lighting, make sure your table is in the right spot. After you've taken your measurements, it's time to choose the real furniture for your dining room.

03 How should I arrange my dining room furniture?

You'll want to get a dining room table and use it as the centerpiece. Then get a set of dining chairs to match. We'd also suggest a sideboard or buffet in this space for additional storage space.

04 Where can I find antique dining room furniture?

If you don't want to travel to Europe yourself, EuroLuxHome.com offers a wide variety of modern and antique dining room furniture. From dining tables to dining chairs, sideboards and more, we've got you covered.

05 What dining room furniture does EuroLuxHome.com have available?

We have many antique dining tables available, in all sorts of styles. We can also set you up with a set of antique dining chairs to match. If you have space, we'd suggest a large buffet as well, to better accomodate potential guests.


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  1. Dining Table Lugo Luna Bella Gray Wood Parquet Top Square Stock Iron Handmade

    SKU: LB-213

    31.50H x 96W x 37.50D


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  2. Dining Table JONATHAN CHARLES BUCKINGHAM Regency Twin Pedestal Baluster Bases

    SKU: JC-514

    30H x 132W x 48D


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  3. Dining Table PADMAS PLANTATION VITTORIA Double Pedestal Almond Ebony Off-White

    SKU: PP-442

    30.75H x 98.50W x 39.30D


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  4. Sideboard JONATHAN CHARLES BUCKINGHAM Regency Breakfront Oval Handles Paneled

    SKU: JC-1

    38H x 67.50W x 22D


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  5. Dining Table PADMAS PLANTATION CHIARA Oval Pedestal Base Aluminum Alloy

    SKU: PP-421

    30.50H x 110.75W x 50.15D


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  6. Dining Table PADMAS PLANTATION ARENA Eco Industrial Chic Reclaimed Teak Iro

    SKU: PP-222

    30.71H x 98.43W x 39.37D


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  7. Dining Table PADMAS PLANTATION BIANCA Industrial Pedestal Base Oval Light Gray

    SKU: PP-371

    31H x 94.75W x 47D


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  8. SARREID Dining Table Old World Walnut Solid

    SKU: SA-4499

    30H x 80W x 80D


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  9. Dining Table JONATHAN CHARLES BUCKINGHAM Regency Single Self-Storing Leaf Twin

    SKU: JC-183

    30H x 93.50W x 46D


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  10. Dining Table PADMAS PLANTATION ISLAND ESTATE Industrial Double Pedestal Base

    SKU: PP-39

    30.50H x 102.75W x 43.31D


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  11. Antique Buffet Sideboard Hunting Quail Signed Dumarest Lyon Bacchus Etched Glass

    SKU: 25-19

    110H x 68.75W x 24.50D


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  12. Dining Table SARREID Pedestal Base Medium Heather Gray Textured Oak Iron

    SKU: SA-4473

    30H x 54W x 54D


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