Racks & Stands

Racks and Stands

When you are shopping for vintage style racks and stands, it is important to look for a combination of attractive design and practical function. Usually you are looking for a piece that has a double use – it displays items and it also stores items. Sometimes that means a collection of items, such as plates, decorative ornaments, thimbles, framed photos, figurines or other  collectibles. These are versatile enough to be used for multiple types of objects. At other times you are looking for a piece that has one very specific use, such as wall-mounted coat racks, or an antique valet stand, or perhaps something to hold your sheet music or your magazines. 

Whatever function you are looking for, we have a superb selection in our online store. Each piece is crafted in high quality materials and we offer many different styles, with an emphasis on traditional and antique-inspired designs. For example, with our selection of wall mounted decorative plate racks, you have a choice that includes a stunningly decorative antique-inspired design with French styling, scalloped sides, serpentine shelves and stately finials. It has an antiqued blackwash finish which complements to perfection the lavish floral motifs covered the frame. Or perhaps you would prefer a design that will match your Mediterranean, Farmhouse or French Country style decor? In that case, browse our pieces crafted with solid oak wood construction, with a vintage look that is enhanced by the distressed turquoise blue splatter finish. The artful distressing gives the impression of age. These items are also available with a distressed white or cream splatter, so you can choose between the blue and the white to find the right soft color to blend into your color scheme. 

Quality Coat Racks

We also offer pieces like coat trees and coat hooks, perfect as entryway storage or as living room decor! These allow for more stylish storage than your average coat hanger. A quality hall tree, combined with the right storage shelf, can cover all of your storage needs in your hallway. Other options include freestanding coat racks, garment racks, solid wood and metal coat racks, wall hooks and more. Each of these home decor items will revolutionize the way you hang coats, from small space to large space. You won't want to miss out on our quality wall decor and stylish coat racks! 

If you are searching for somewhere to hang your coat, our selection of wall-mounted coat racks includes some stunning designs with between one and five hooks. Our range from OK Casting is hand-crafted in the USA and cast in resin to look like carved wood, then hand-painted with intricate detail. They evoke antique Black Forest designs by depicting animals such as regal stags heads, foxes, rabbits, bears and horses. They are perfect for your Hunting Style entryway or any rustic themed decor.

Racks & Stands FAQ

01 How are rack cases measured?

One rack space measures 1.75 inches from top to bottom and 19 inches wide. Rack equipment with a height of 1.75?? or a multiple of that meets the requirement. Rack units (1U = 1.75??, 2U = 3.5??, and so on) are commonly used to measure the height of equipment.

02 Should a TV stand be wider than the TV?

When it comes to picking the proper size media stand, our general rule is that it should be at least a few inches (if not feet) broader than the base of your television. This allows your TV to fit comfortably on top and makes your media setup appear more visually balanced.

03 Are wire racks durable?

Wire racks are extremely robust, and because we use only the best materials to make them, you'll find that they retain their quality even after a lot of wear. They won't bend or break with the weight of your product, so they're ideal for displaying tools, mirrors, and other bulkier items.

04 How do you secure a wine rack to the wall?

Beginning with the stud holes, fasten the wine rack to the wall. For stud installation, use wood screws. To install a wine rack without studs, use toggle bolts through the mounting holes. To mount the rack flush to the wall, insert the toggle into the prepared hole and tighten it until the wings spring up.

05 Can you hang a wine rack on drywall?

Some of the more frequent techniques for hanging a wine rack are drywall anchor systems. They can support a lot of weight and allow you to put your metal wine rack just about anywhere. The pure strength of spiral inserts, toggle bolts, and other rated anchors accounts for this.


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