Plant Stands

Indoor plant stands and planters help you to bring the beauty of nature into your home. There are many reasons to add greenery to your space. Practically speaking, greenery helps to purify the air in the space, but the main attraction for most people is the visual appeal.

When you add a houseplant to your decor, it wakes up the whole feel of the room, brings it alive and gives it a personal human touch. Flowers add to the color and fragrance and the color of the blossoms you choose can be tied into your color scheme or used as an accent color. In the kitchen, a few pots of herbs add gorgeous aromas and decorative character, and make it super easy for the cook to add herbs to her recipe! 

Whatever you choose to display in your plant stands, you will have plenty of designs to choose from in online gallery. Perhaps you are seeking a traditional planter? Check out our selection which includes hand-painted and hand-carved pieces. Or perhaps you would love the exotic allure of a terrarium which often creates a talking point in a room as everyone is fascinated to see how the garden grows inside the terrarium! A classic urn or decorative flower box style jardiniere might suit your green thumbs more. If you want to display several tiers of greenery, we have several tiered designs and basket stands.  Others are raised on legs or pedestals to give variety and interest to the various visual levels in a room. We also have indoor plant tables with drawers, for added functionality. 

Choose plant stands that blend with your decor style and you will love the decorative element they introduce into a room. From French Country style to refined Hollywood Regency, we can match your taste. Our selection of high-quality plant stands and fern stands for sale are crafted  from many different materials to intrigue and delight, from ceramic to distressed wood, and from concrete to antiqued gold leaf and mother of pearl inlay crotch mahogany with a brass liner. 

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  1. Planter Vase JOHN-RICHARD West Coast Palm Floral Tree White Steel

    SKU: JR-6715

    125H x 54W x 62D


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  2. Planter Vase JOHN-RICHARD Areca Palm Floral White Glaze Natural Marble Pottery

    SKU: JR-4563

    92H x 60W x 63D


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  3. Planter Vase JOHN-RICHARD Transitional Natural Preserved Date Palms Palm On

    SKU: JR-3104

    83H x 53W x 53D


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  4. Pedestal Plant Stand JOHN-RICHARD Marble Hand-Crafted

    SKU: JR-3991

    44.25H x 16W x 16D


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  5. Planter Vase JOHN-RICHARD Fake Flowers Chestnut Forest Green Mirror

    SKU: JR-1782

    63H x 47W x 47D


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  6. Pedestal Plant Stand BASDON Beige Reclaimed Pine Brass

    SKU: ZT-870

    55H x 20W x 20D


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  7. Planter Vase Kylin Dragon Bowl White Blue Colors May Vary Variable Handmade

    SKU: LA-32

    21.50H x 22W x 22D


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  8. Planter Vase JOHN-RICHARD Transitional Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree Floral Natural

    SKU: JR-6619

    72H x 32W x 23D


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  9. Pedestal Plant Stand SCOTTKINS White Teal Green Wood

    SKU: CH-6055

    46.50H x 16W x 16D


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  10. Pedestal Plant Stand STANDER Ivory Brass Poplar

    SKU: ZT-1172

    43.50H x 13.25W x 13.25D


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  11. Pedestal Plant Stand DORIAN Poplar Brass Pine

    SKU: ZT-1139

    43H x 14W x 14D


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  12. Pedestal Plant Stand JOHN-RICHARD Square Figured Crystal Smoke Eucalyptus

    SKU: JR-5257

    42H x 11.75W x 11.75D


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Showing: 1-12 of 133 results

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