Vanity Chairs

An antique-style vanity chair will add the perfect finishing touch to your dressing room, bedroom, or wherever you sit to do your hair, makeup or manicure. Because the vanity chair is used to beautify yourself for your busy day or for an evening out, our customers often choose a glamorous design that will accent their decor and create a signature look. This really is the perfect combination of form and function! 

The first thing to think about with a makeup vanity chair is to choose a style that will work in your existing decor, which doesn’t mean that it has to be in the same style. For example, if your interior design scheme in the bedroom or dressing room is very clean-lined and modern, you might want to select a vintage or Rococo style vanity table chair to add some sensuous curvy lines and touch of old-fashion sex appeal! If your room is decorated with neutral or soft tones, then this is the perfect opportunity to add a bright pop of color. A velour or velvet upholstery, brocade, or other decorative fabric will also enhance the feminine feel. Also think about the style of your dressing table or vanity to make sure that the two pieces will complement each other. Measure the height of your dressing table or makeup counter or mirror to ensure that you will be sitting at the right height when you are in full-on beauty prep!

For gentlemen, or ladies who dress in a more formal wardrobe, a valet chair can be a wonderful option, with its tall coathanger shaped back to hang your tailored jacket overnight and a small drawer to keep cufflinks, a watch, a folded pocket square, or jewelry safely and easily to hand.

Whatever your style, you’ll find a selection of unusual and high-quality vanity chairs for sale at our website so you will definitely be sitting pretty. 

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