Entryway Seating

Sometimes it's convenient to have a place to sit in your hallway. EuroLuxHome.com has the furniture for you. Some of our best sellers for this need are our entryway benches.  These are a practical and comfortable place to sit, with the rustic vibe that comes from a wood bench. For added comfort, some of  these feature upholstery. If you're looking for a convenient storage space to stash small items, we'd recommend a storage bench or storage cabinet. 

Whether you're looking to create Farmhouse entryway shoe storage, some sconces or built-in coat hooks, EuroLuxHome.com is here to help.

Other Entryway Decor

If you need even more entryway storage, we'd recommend a sideboard. Sideboards can fit anywhere, form living room, to home office, to entryway. This storage space gives you options, whether you're looking for a piece with cubbies or something that can be used as a shoe rack. A bookcase could make an intellectual statement to any visitors. The craftsmanship on our bookcases is top-tier, from base to shelving. 

We also offer entryway wall decor such as wall art. Other mounted decor options include wall mirrors, a handmade floating shelf, and wall hooks or coat racks for your guests' coats. 

Quality lighting such as a chandelier, floor lamp or table lamp for your entryway furniture could make a shimmering first impression on company. These could also complement your bath or bedroom furniture. These could also enhance your outdoor furniture as pieces of outdoor decor! We also offer doormats and outdoor rugs. 

With so many new arrivals, we are certain you'll find something you love for your entryway. Whether it's a hall tree coat rack, area rugs, candle holders, a sofa table, throw pillows, or a wood console table, EuroLuxHome.com has the decor for you.

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Entryway FAQ

01 How long should my entryway table be?

The traditional entryway table is 14-18 inches deep, 32-64 inches long, and 30-33 inches tall. The length is the most variable factor, and it is mostly determined by the amount of space available in your entryway.

02 What are entryway tables used for?

A console table, when placed at the front door, can give much-needed surface area for keys, hats, scarves, and other assorted objects. When properly designed, a console table may give guests a taste of your home's aesthetic while also giving it a charming, lived-in feel.

03 What furniture should I put in my entryway?

Entryway furniture comes in many forms. One popular type is the entryway bench, which is more about storage space than seating. You also can't go wrong with a sideboard in this space.

04 What is an entryway bench?

An entryway is a bench that doubles as a storage compartment. They're great for entryway seating too. Consider getting one for storing your belongings, such as keys!

05 Where can I find antique entryway furniture?

EuroLuxHome.com has an enormous selection of high-quality entryway furniture. From entryway benches to entryway seating, sideboards and more, we've got you covered.


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  1. Scarborough House Demilune Table Elegant Marquetry Inlay Swags, Crotch Mahogany

    SKU: MS-460

    40H x 48W x 24D


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  2. Console Viaje Trunk Valise Iron Silver Bronze Glass Luna Bella Handmade USA

    SKU: LB-160

    38.50H x 60.50W x 15D


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  3. Console Table SARREID Heather Gray White Oak Wrought Iron Frame

    SKU: SA-4439

    34H x 82W x 18D


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  4. Workstation Quint Bar Table Industrial Graystone Wood Metal Luna Bella

    SKU: LB-85

    40.50H x 81W x 33D


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  5. Console Table COLIN Ecru Pine

    SKU: ZT-1234

    33H x 99W x 24D


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  6. Console Table JONATHAN CHARLES CAMBRIDGE DANIELLA Industrial Burl Walnut Ir

    SKU: JC-4469

    31.75H x 84W x 21D


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  7. Console Table SARREID SUSPENSION Eastern Heather Gray Beech Quartered Solid

    SKU: SA-5155

    42H x 96W x 20D


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  8. Console GERARD Oyster Gray Metal

    SKU: ZT-2739

    90H x 32W x 21D


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    SKU: JC-2423

    30H x 68.50W x 27.25D


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  10. Console Table THEODORE ALEXANDER CORALLO Modern Classic Tray Top Coral Cast

    SKU: TA-4819

    33H x 62W x 16D


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  11. Console Table JONATHAN CHARLES TUDOR OAK Traditional Antique Natural Light

    SKU: JC-578

    36H x 64W x 20D


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    SKU: TA-1639

    34.25H x 48W x 17D


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