Decorative and stylish storage boxes are like jewelry for a room. They are the little extra touches that show your signature style and your personal taste. They are also beautiful accents to your larger pieces of furniture and home accessories. In addition, vintage and antique boxes are very useful, whether you use them to store jewelry, mementos, love letters, personal notes, business cards, loose change, keys or perhaps your favorite pens.

As an adornment, lidded boxes will add visual interest to shelves, etageres, desks, console tables, center tables, side tables and other flat surfaces. And the perfect piece is sure to become a family heirloom, handed down to the grandchildren who will always remember how grandfather or grandma stored their personal treasures in that very box!

We have a wide selection available in many different designs and styles, usually featuring fine hand-craftsmanship including hand-painting. These include traditional, transitional and modern styles and we also sometimes carry vintage and antique boxes. They are available in a broad range of materials, including hand-carved wood, hand-painted wood, brass, iron, gold leaf, quartz crystal, the angelic stone celestite, fine burl walnut veneers, mirrored pieces, and very many more materials and finishes.

Perhaps your taste is for a black hand-painted Chinoiserie design for your feminine office desk? Or maybe you prefer a pretty hand-painted yellow piece topped with a brass bird for your elegant bedroom? For the library of the man in your life, choose one with a sculpture of a dog, foxes, deer or buffalo on the top, intricately hand-painted with perfect detail. Some boxes are cleverly disguised to look like something else ornamental… perhaps a sculpture of a pair of mountain bears climbing around a tree in the forest.

Thoughtfully-chosen vintage and antique storage boxes are decorative, they are practical, and they are the perfect gift for the person who has everything! Browse our new and vintage storage boxes below.

Boxes FAQ

01 Where should I put my decorative box?

Decorative boxes can be a great addition anywhere. Consider putting one in your living room or entryway.

02 Where are your decorative boxes from?

We have decorative boxes from both Europe and the United States!

03 How should I use my decorative box?

We recommend putting these decorative boxes in your entryway or bedroom, as a lovely way to store your belongings such as keys. But of course, these can look great in any space.

04 What type of boxes are available at EuroLux?

We have a wide variety of decorative boxes for sale. Maybe a lovely painted piece could blend with your living room's color palette. Or maybe a stern, brown piece could be the place you store your valuables.

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