It is always fun to buy a pair of beautiful bookends to enhance your office, library or bedroom bookshelf. Whether you have a small and carefully curated collection of books on a few wall shelves or a large collection of books that you have gathered over the years, you need to keep them nicely organized so they aren’t always falling over or sliding into a messy pile! A sturdy pair of bookends or bookend set will keep your books upright and tidy while also adding tons of personality to your living room or office decor. We have both modern bookends and antique bookends available. The choice is yours. 

Your favorite books deserve to be surrounded by quality decor and a quality tabletop. These pieces of shelf decor could also be used as a paperweight! Some of the most popular antique-style bookends in our online store are hand-crafted by OK Casting. These superb pieces are created in cast resin, with designs to suit all styles of decor and all kinds of interests. The hand-cast bookends are custom made to order and hand-painted with amazing details. 

Bookend Styles

You will find decorative themes including wild animals, charming children, sportsmen and American West and Native American images. If you are a golfer, a polo player, or a fisherman, you will find a design for your bookshelves. If you love horses we have equestrian styles and if you believe a human’s best friend is a dog, you will also be spoiled for choice. There are many different types of dog breeds cast in these wood bookends, from Labradors to Scotties, and even adorable Westie bookends. 

Although they look like an expensive work of carved wood art with a good heavy weight to them, these substantial pieces are actually very reasonably priced. They make a perfect gift for any book lover! Other selections in our store include chic modern designs in metal and stunning pieces featuring chunks of quartz crystal. 

If you want to add your personality to your home office or professional office, or lend a dash of whimsy to your formal library bookcase or your more informal collection of cookbooks, a pair of high-quality and decorative bookends will add that perfect finishing touch. 

Lovely Bookend Materials

The materials used to create these lovely home decor pieces are part of why they're so special. Whether you're choosing one of our cast iron, geode, marble bookends or metal bookends, you'll be impressed by the construction. Other materials for these figurines include vintage brass, onyx, alabaster, white marble, wooden bookends, resin bookends, and bronze bookends.Each of these heavy duty pieces is built to last, which is why these are some of our bestsellers. From solid brass to cast metal, we've got the antique bookends to provide accessibility and luxury to your space.

Checkout our selection today. From agate bookends to white wood pieces, globe bookends and more, we've got you covered.

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Bookends FAQ

01 Do bookends damage books?

If you're going to use bookends, make sure they're tall enough so your books don't lean over the top. The weight of the book against the bookend may cause the cover to become damaged.

02 Should I pair my bookends?

While paired bookends look excellent on a single shelf, we?recommend?dividing them apart in a bigger bookshelf.

03 Should books be stored flat or vertically?

The books should never be slanted and should always be maintained upright or horizontal. Maintain a full shelf?or use a bookend?so that the books can nestle up to one other without becoming too crowded. This will help removing the books from the shelf simpler without breaking spines or pulling covers.

04 How do I keep my books from falling over?

The books should never be slanted and should always be maintained upright or horizontal. Maintain a full shelf?or use a bookend?so that the books can nestle up to one other without becoming too crowded.

05 Do I need bookends?

Bookends are essential if you have a large book collection or simply wish to use books as a design element on your shelves.

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