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  1. Antique Beds: 4 Things to Know
    French Antique Furniture

    Antique Beds: 4 Things to Know

    More time is spent in the bedroom than any room in the home. The mood of the room sets the tone of your day when you wake up, and lets you unwind as you go to sleep. With that in mind, it's important to go all-out on this space's decor! Purchasing an antique bed is an investment to say the...

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  2. Clocks for the Home
    Antique Clocks

    Clocks for the Home

    Without superb wall decor in all of the primary living rooms and bedrooms, a house isn't a house. A high-quality timepiece on your nightstand or a desktop clock in your home office can elevate your interior design. It's just not the same telling the time on your phone! New, vintage, and antique clocks in traditional styles provide character and a...

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  3. Bar Furniture at EuroLuxHome.com
    Luxury Home Design

    Bar Furniture at EuroLuxHome.com

    In our inventory, we have a large assortment of bar furniture. We have the items to fit your needs, whether you're searching for a bar table for your dining room or a set of bar stools and a bar cabinet for your home bar. Whatever counter height or material you want, we're sure to have something to suit your needs...

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  4. Headboards, Headboards, Headboards!
    Luxury Home Design | Antique Reproduction Furniture

    Headboards, Headboards, Headboards!

    The average person spends more time in his or her bedroom than in any other part of the house. This means that the decor you select for this place is critical! EuroLuxHome.com, fortunately for you, recognizes the value of good interior design and has headboards to match! EuroLuxHome.com has a large antique headboard to match your full size bed frames...

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  5. Luxury Antique Bookcases at EuroLux
    French Antique Furniture | Antique Reproduction Furniture | Antique Furniture Styles

    Luxury Antique Bookcases at EuroLux

    A Louis XV bookcase from the EuroLux collection. Our antique furniture collection at EuroLuxHome.com includes antique bookcases that are sure to wow. Whether you're seeking to spruce up your living room, dining area, or bedroom, we've got you covered. Each piece of furniture has the ability to change the look of your home. We have almost every style imaginable, from...

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  6. John-Richard: Modern Luxury Furniture
    Luxury Home Design

    John-Richard: Modern Luxury Furniture

    The John-Richard Collection is full of lovely things. The furniture, lighting, and home accessories in the John Richard Collection set a new bar for design in the home fashion sector. Artisanal Furniture for the Home The lovely collections of artisan-crafted high-end luxury furniture are inspired by cultures and design trends to produce the ideal balance of pioneering design and good...

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  7. Coffee Tables: Modern and Antique
    Antique Reproduction Furniture | Antique Furniture Styles

    Coffee Tables: Modern and Antique

    Nothing draws your living room's furniture together like a well-made vintage or antique coffee table. Our antique coffee tables come in a variety of styles to suit any home design; we have something for everyone. From metal to wood, and from glass to marble, we're sure to have something to complement your home. As furniture professionals, we understand that a...

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  8. Rococo Chest of Drawers
    French Antique Furniture

    Rococo Chest of Drawers

    This elegant Rococo chest of drawers will complement any decor and exemplify the outstanding decorative appeal of genuine French furniture. The ancient French chest of drawers, which comes from the 1930s and is far too beautiful to be stashed away in a bedroom, will look fantastic in a living room or corridor. It is composed of burled mahogany wood and...

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