Kitchen Islands & Carts

Kitchen Islands and Carts

Kitchen islands are the central heart of a kitchen, both physically and emotionally. They are the place that everyone gathers around to help chop, mix, whisk and cook, often while chatting and sharing a glass of wine before dinner! They are also a practical necessity for many cooks as they combine a surface area for prep with all the storage needed to keep pans, dishes and kitchen tools and gadgets close to hand. Often the kitchen island is pressed into service as a serving surface too during large informal gatherings or potlucks. As the centerpiece of your dining space, it's important to make sure that your kitchen island matches your dining table or nesting table's decor. 

Whether you are looking for antique kitchen islands and carts in a traditional French Country style or Farmhouse style or perhaps even one that incorporates unique upcycled elements, we have a fabulous selection for you to choose from. Genuine antique kitchen island tables carry a certain flair that new islands simply can't compete with. 

Kitchen Island Ideas from is an authorized USA distributor of HobbsGermany kitchen islands and other cabinets and furniture. These unique new wine-inspired designs are superbly crafted with drawers made from authentic upcycled wine crates from French Bordeaux chateaux. Each drawer crate is stamped with the individual stamp of a prestigious Bordeaux winery. The large crate drawers can bear the weight of 12 wine bottles so you can imagine how strong they are! They can easily hold your kitchen gadgets, pans and dishes. The frame is of strong, heavy-duty steel and the counter tops are made of gorgeous Italian granite. Size options range from 12 drawers to 36 drawers, big enough for even the largest kitchen and exactly what you need when you are gathering the entire family together. The Hobbs Germany collection is perfect for your French decor and even better if you love wine! 

Other antique kitchen carts and islands include classic French designs with many attractive and functional elements such as movable cutting boards and wine storage. Kitchen islands in natural pine and marble will look terrific in a Scandinavian or Farmhouse style kitchen. Browse our antique kitchen islands for sale below. 

Kitchen Islands for any Taste

Whether you're looking for extra counter space, or a convenient storage space to store your stainless steel cookware or cookbooks, kitchen islands & carts are a surefire way to enhance your dining room. Even a small kitchen can benefit from this furniture, whether built-in or brought-in. These pieces can be the focal point for your home decor, no matter your home style. These pieces are created from solid wood, and the natural wood used creates a tabletop that is optimal as a prep space. You could even use the wood top on these wood kitchen islands as a prep space! Combine these with the right kitchen cabinets and counter stools and your kitchen is sure to come together.

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  1. Hobbs Germany Kitchen Island, French Wine Crate 18 Drawer, Italian Granite, Walnut

    SKU: HG-25

    36.23H x 59.06W x 42.13D


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  2. Hobbs Germany Kitchen Island, French Wine Crate 12 Drawer, Granite Walnut Steel

    SKU: HG-23

    36.23H x 43.31W x 42.13D


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  3. Serving Cart Kitchen Removable Tray Hand-Rubbed Rustic Brown Wood Brass

    SKU: OF-29

    30H x 33W x 18D


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  4. Cart Industrial Chic Distressed Iron Pine

    SKU: BT-730

    18H x 55W x 32D


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  5. Cart Metalworks Distressed Gray Tempered Glass Iron

    SKU: BT-690

    29.50H x 34.50W x 17D


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  6. Storage Cart CLAUDIO Oyster Gray Metal

    SKU: ZT-1552

    36.75H x 27W x 15D


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  7. Storage Cart JAIM Ebony Black Metal

    SKU: ZT-1555

    44H x 18.50W x 12D


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  8. Cart Circular Frame Rectangular Tiers Tiered Antique Gold Distressed Green

    SKU: BT-1579

    33H x 24W x 19D


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  9. Storage Cart DORA Ebony Black Metal

    SKU: ZT-1554

    44H x 14W x 13.75D


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  10. Serving Cart Kitchen Contemporary Oval Designers Edge Distressed Brown Tan

    SKU: BT-787

    34H x 30.50W x 18D


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  11. Cart Ivory Iron

    SKU: ZT-1539

    37H x 21W x 9D


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  12. Serving Cart Kitchen Contemporary Distressed Designers Edge Brown Tan Rattan

    SKU: BT-1322

    32.50H x 27W x 16.50D


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