Decorative Trays

Decorative Trays

Considering that they are such simple items, modern serving trays are among the most useful home accessories to have around the house and you can never have enough of them! Of course you can use them to serve drinks and food when guests come to visit. Serving tray tables are essential for breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. Antique trays can also be used to contain a collection of small objects for display on a side table or shelf… perhaps your recent collection of shells that you picked up at the beach or your growing collection of vintage pharmacy bottles. Whether you're looking to adorn your coffee table, living room, dining room, entryway, or dining table with a quality piece of home decor, we've got the decorative trays for you. From wood tray to metal tray, vanity tray to acrylic and round trays, we've got the centerpieces for you. 

In addition to their practical convenience for organizing and carrying things, stylish modern trays can be turned into attractive decorative accent in themselves.  Place one sideways on a shelf to show off the design, or hang one on the kitchen wall by its handle to create wall art that will look especially terrific in a rustic Country Farmhouse kitchen. Then just pluck it off the wall when it is time to press it into service! 

Handcrafted Luxury

These handcrafted wooden trays and accent trays are sure to bring a spice to any space. Combine these with the glam of your coasters, wall decor or console tables and your room will come together! Maybe a coffee table tray set, carved from mango wood, is the piece your home needs. Maybe a wood serving tray or rattan piece with metal handles could highlight the accent tables or bar carts of your space! 

Every hostess will want several trays to choose from when she is entertaining, so high-quality decorative styles will make welcome hostess gifts too. We have many beautiful designs to choose from, including some on stands so they can double as useful occasional tables. Materials include metals such as brass, stainless steel, iron, aluminum and hand-painted tole. Woods are always a classic choice, including mahogany, ash, rosewood, satinwood and myrtle burl. Leather models are great for a masculine space while mirror tops create glamour in your Hollywood Regency style room. The craftsmanship of marquetry inlay or bone inlay creates intricate patterns that truly stand out from the crowd. 

Whether you are looking for a modern herringbone pattern in bold black and white bone inlay, or a traditional marquetry inlay design with a brass gallery trim, browse our selection of high-quality trays in the confidence that you will love using in your home.

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Decorative Trays FAQ

01 What goes on a decorative tray?

A colorful tray in the bedroom can be used to store anything. Lights, flowers, candles, perfumes, photographs, and jewelry are just a few of the items that can be placed on your tray to keep everything organized as well as to make it look nice.

02 How do I choose a decorative tray?

Be aware of current trends ? the text or style of a tray can limit its use. Consider utilizing two trays or one long tray if your table is large.

03 What goes on an ottoman?

Ottomans are large enough to double as a coffee table and are ideal for displaying serving trays, flowers, books, sculptures, boxes, and candles to transform the look of your space.

04 How do I choose a coffee table tray?

Choose a tray that is larger than your coffee table (approximately 18??+ across allows you to fit more than a handful of items on it) and a material or finish that contrasts with your coffee table. I'm not going to utilize a stained wood tray on my coffee table because it's a medium coloured wood.

05 What do I do with a serving tray?

Items can be placed on top of your coffee table with the help of a serving tray. Adding a bouquet, a small stack of books, or a candle to your serving tray may make a big difference and make it look more fascinating. Food and drinks can also be transported to your family and friends using wooden serving trays.


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  1. Tray Leaves and Bird Marble Silver-Plated Shell Brass

    SKU: CH-5497

    5.50H x 21.50W x 15D

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  2. Tray Table BRENTFORD Traditional Antique Black Gold Hand-Painted Painted

    SKU: CH-1981

    22.50H x 32.50W x 22.50D

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  3. Tray Table CYAN DESIGN PRIME Gunmetal Gray Acrylic

    SKU: CY-3920

    23.75H x 16.25W x 16.25D

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  4. Tray White Honeycomb Pattern Bone Inlay

    SKU: CH-3493

    2H x 24W x 18D

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