Tables & Cabinets

Tables & Cabinets

A quality vintage or antique cabinet can take your home decor to new heights. Whether you're looking for an Art Deco sideboard or French credenza, we've got the furniture you need. 

Please take advantage of our trusted online furniture store to get all the tables and cabinets you need at amazing prices. At EuroLux, we offer you a wide selection of tables and cabinets that make a striking statement where you keep them. If you need to give your living space a stunning and classy look, our tables and cabinets are what you need to deliver that. Our cabinets and tables serve you both functional and structural purposes and come in unique shapes, designs, colors, and styles. We sell different types of tables and cabinets, including accent cabinets, table cabinets with drawers, kitchen tables with cabinets, accent tables, tables with cabinets underneath, convertible cabinet tables, bedside tables, and cabinets, among others. Our tables and cabinets are composed of antique, contemporary, and new tables and cabinets and fit every space, no matter what your taste in furniture is. Whether you’re looking for rustic coffee table setsstorage console cabinets with doors, modern bedside tables, kitchen table cabinets, or any other type of tables and cabinets, EuroLux has you covered with the best. Our tables and cabinets for sale are made of high-quality materials and are designed to complement your space’s general interior décor. With EuroLux tables and cabinets store, you can infuse your home with elegance, royalty, style, and sophistication within your budget. 

Why Tables and Cabinets?

Tables and Cabinets provide a place where you can put items while adding to the interior décor of a room. They enhance the character of a room and make it possible for you to arrange your items and maintain a well-kept room. They add elegance and sophistication to a room and exude a stylish sense of effortless cool, no matter where you place them. No matter the amount of furniture you have in your room, if you don’t complement it with a suitable table, your room will look empty and untidy. Whether it’s a living room table, accent cabinet, modern bedside table, white night table, white bedside table, small chest of drawers, or any other type of table or cabinet, a good one enhances your interior design. The good thing about these fantastic furniture sets is that no matter your taste in furniture is, there is always something for you. Please look at our full range of traditional, contemporary, new and antique tables and cabinets, and select what works for you. 

Our collection includes tea tables, sofa tables, pieces with inlays and pieces with a leather top. The point is, you have options. 

What Types of Tables and Cabinets Are Available?

Our tables and cabinets include antique pieces from circa the 19th century. Styles available include Victorian, Arts & Crafts, and many other Antique French styles. 

Many of our vintage cabinets feature the use of quality materials such as antique brass on the cabinet doors and cabinet hardware. For entertaining guests, we'd recommend you pick up or order a bar cabinet. Some of these feature glass doors perfect for displaying glasses or chinoiserie. We can also offer a lovely selection of armoires, perfect for any room in your home including the entryway.

 If 18th century and 19th century antique furniture isn't your thing, we also offer some retro-style 20th century furniture as well. Our collection of vintage wall cabinets includes pieces with sliding doors, filing cabinets, glass cabinets, and more.  

Coffee Tables, Console Tables and more!

Our coffee tables are designed to hold your coffee cups and other materials and help you keep your space organized. 

From Chippendale dining tables to inlaid end tables to a mahogany tabletop, our collection of tables is sure to impress. An Italian pedestal table could be exactly the piece you need to display your collectibles. Most of our pieces date to the early 20th century, so you know that an antique dining table from our store has stood the test of time. 

To add versatility to your dining room, we would recommend a nesting table such as a drop leaf table. Maybe a writing table or writing desk can add sophistication to your work space! From round top to Queen Anne to nightstands with a pedestal base, cocktail tables and more, we've got furniture with style. 


If you’re an avid reader, our bookcases will help keep your books organized always. 

Corner Cabinets, China, and Display Cabinets

Our corner cabinets and china and display cabinets help you keep your items arranged and displayed in a way that adds to the general décor of the room. 

Game Tables

Gamers will love this! Our game tables have all the features you need to set up and enjoy your game anytime. 

Occasional Tables and TV Stands

We also sell TV stands and Occasional tables that you can use whenever you want to keep your TV well placed, and your extra table needs solved.

 We also sell end and side tables, best of tables, plant stands, cornet cabinets, trunks, shelves, and etageres, storage cabinets, and every table and cabinet in which you need to keep your items safely stored and your room tidy at all times. 

Where Can I Buy Tables and Cabinets Online?

If you are seeking the best place to buy tables and cabinets online, EuroLux is your go-to online furniture store. We invite you to view our beautiful collection of tables and cabinets and place an order now. Whether you're looking for an antique English piece with a trestle, Louis XVI glam or something with a marble top, we've got the pieces for you.

Tables & Cabinets FAQ

01 How do I tell if a dining table is good?

A decent dining table will be solid and well-made, with a finish that can endure a lot of use while still looking beautiful.

02 How do I stop a table from scratching?

Make your own table pads. One of the greatest ways to avoid scratches on your hardwood table is to use table top protection. You can cover your table top with some desk mats.

03 Can I leave cabinets unfinished?

You could add a finish to your cabinets without painting or staining them if you like the natural wood hue. Your wood cabinets is protected from moisture and stain damage with a colorless polyurethane finish.

04 Can I stack cabinets?

Adding stacks is one of the first things I like to do when remodeling a room. With stacked cabinets, you can transform an ordinary kitchen into something spectacular! Adding stacks is, in fact, the easiest way to achieve dramatic improvements short of fully replacing kitchen cabinets.

05 What wood is good for dining tables?

For a dining table, sheesham, teak, rosewood, satinwood, and other foreign woods are excellent choices. You can choose a different finish for the table top and create the dining table's legs out of wood when choosing a wooden dining table.