Jonathan Charles


Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture is a favorite among our customers seeking high-quality antique-inspired and reproduction furniture. The craftsmanship is superb and many of the company's furniture designs are based on famous antiques and furniture found in stately homes in Europe. Their collection demonstrates a unique skill and attention to detail. Their wide range of styles and the skill of their artisans makes this brand one of our favorites. Each Jonathan Charles piece is skillfully hand-crafted using the same techniques as the original antique English classics and French furniture that we love so much.

What makes Jonathan Charles furniture so special?


The attention to detail includes intricate carvings, hand-painted details and genuine hand-cut marquetry. Many of these traditional skills have died out today, but Jonathan Charles furniture artisans still have the skills and the patience to meticulously craft each piece.

Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture was founded by Jonathan Sowter, an English furniture maker. He is such a perfectionist that the company even has its own brass foundry to make the furniture hardware. As a result, every handle, hinge, lock and key is a perfect match for the period design.

Jonathan Charles fine antique reproduction furniture is aged and distressed to look like an authentic antique. It is an expert job to know exactly where and how to distress a piece so that it looks like it has been loved and used for centuries. The aged furniture looks so authentic, even antique dealers have to take a second look to see if it is a reproduction or a genuine antique!

What pieces does Jonathan Charles offer?

If you are looking for a Queen Anne style desk, a William and Mary style walnut cabinet, or a romantic four-poster king bed based on designs by the famous 18th century English furniture master Thomas Chippendale, Jonathan Charles has a piece to delight you. Their keen eye for detail is sure to enhance whatever room you choose to adorn with their fine products- be it dining room, living room, or bedroom. Or browse our wide choice of Jonathan Charles tables, chairs, stools, games tables, bookcases, chests of drawers, mirrors and other decorative home accents.

Skillful craftsmanship, high-quality construction and gorgeous finishes make Jonathan Charles furniture an exceptional choice for your traditional home. Their passion shines through in their product, resulting in excellent craftsmanship.

If you're interested in a piece of Jonathan Charles furniture, or have any questions or concerns, email us at [email protected] or reach out via the chat help window on our website

Jonathan Charles FAQ

01 Who founded Jonathan Charles?

Jonathan Sowter, an English furniture designer who specializes in fine antique reproduction, created Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture. They create high-quality European antique copies as well as their own distinctive transitional styles.

02 What makes Jonathan Charles special?

Their?painstaking attention to detail and pursuit of high-quality construction distinguishes them. Their?company has grown from ten people in April 2004 to over 1,398 employees in December 2011.

03 Does EuroLux offer Jonathan Charles furniture?

EuroLux offers a wide variety of fine John-Richard furniture. Browse our selection today!

04 Is Jonathan Charles made by hand?

They?frequently begin the design process from scratch. They get ideas from a range of places, including vintage wallpaper designs, nature, antiques, unusual objects, and jewels.