Provence Home

Provence Home

Provence Home makes unusual and reasonably priced hand-crafted pieces and our customers seem to like them a lot! Provence Home specializes in hand-woven French Aubusson pillows, chair cushions and other accessories, and hand-carved wood sconces, chandeliers and other lighting and carved wood candlesticks. Simply put, this high quality brand brings the luxury of France to your home. Taking inspiration from the craftsmen of the 18th century and 19th century, Provence Home brings quality straight to your maison!

Provence Home Decor

The Aubusson hand-crafted throw pillows are crafted with the same centuries-old techniques used by historic French Aubusson weavers. These popular French Aubusson pillows are hand-woven or hand-embroidered, and the luxurious fabrics are either pure wool or silk. Depending on the style, the Aubusson throw pillows are often trimmed with gorgeous tassels and backed with velvet. A soft feather insert ensures comfort whether you indulge in the throw pillows on your sofa or your bed. Traditional styles include classic French designs such as fleur-de-lis, regal insignia and coats of arms, lavish florals, and animals including dogs, horses, ducks and chickens! The sweetly hand-embroidered floral throw pillows are the perfect choice for a French Country living room or bedroom.

To complete this collection of Aubusson and soft textile home accessories, Provence Home also offers chair cushions and tapestries. And if you want an exceptional traditional Christmas Stocking? Aubusson Christmas stockings hand-woven with images of Santa and snowy winter scenes will transport your family to the Christmases of yesteryear. Nothing complements quality furniture like quality wall decor, and this brand has you covered.

Popular Provence Home furniture also includes hand-carved sconces and lighting including chandeliers and lamps.

Provence Home Chandeliers

Some of the chandeliers have an aged Scandinavian look, others are perfect for shabby romantic decor, a Boho space, or a nautical style room. For example, Provence Home chandeliers might have a hand-painted and distressed turned wood column, with oxidized and rusted iron arms to add to the illusion of age. Decorative hand-carved sconce lamps often feature pretty little drop jewels to create a romantic or Rococo atmosphere. Just imagine one of these high quality light fixtures illuminating your dining room.

These special Provence Home home decor accents bring a unique touch to any room of your home. They have style for every interior and floor plan. Whether you're looking to enhance your living room, dining room, or bedroom, Provence Home has you covered. 

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Provence Home FAQ

01 What products does Provence Home offer?

At Provence Home, they're?continually adding new designs to their ever-expanding collection of Aubusson pillows, tapestries, antique reproduction lights, candle holders, and a plethora of other decorative accents.

02 Does EuroLux offer Provence Home products?

EuroLux's selection of Provence Home products is huge. Check it out here.

03 Where can I find Provence Home products?

You can find Provence Home products at markets across the US, or on our website at