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An office is a unique space in terms of interior design, as it needs to reflect your professional life but also be somewhere that you will feel comfortable personally, with vintage office decor that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Choosing the right office accessories is the first step in establishing the character of the space. These small details make all the difference, whether you are working at home or in a professional firm or corporate environment. 

Our vintage style office accessories are beautifully made to give that personal touch to your working area. These items make great and thoughtful gifts too. Whatever the style of your decor, you can find the ideal piece that will be both functional and attractive. 

If you are looking for an unusual pen tray to hold your elegant pen, we have some beautiful designs including statues of rustic scenes such as foxes, bears and pheasants. These are heavy cast resin with the appearance of wood, hand-painted with intricate details. They are made in the USA and custom made to order. They bring the outdoors indoors, and anyone who loves wildlife will enjoy these pieces. The same company also makes letter holders and bookends with sculptures of sportsmen, dogs, animals, and many other figures, to keep your work area organized! 

Or perhaps you would like a decorative paperweight, magazine rack, or letter holder? Our finely crafted Jonathan Charles letter trays replicate the vintage look of antique office accessories, made with superb woods including crotch walnut and oak, and with brass accents. Our vintage style desk accessories are classic in appearance in high-quality materials such as brass and inlaid shell. 

When it comes to your business life or your writing studio, it is worth investing in the best vintage style office accessories that delight the eye and make every working day a pleasure.

Home Office Furniture

We've got all sorts of designs for your home office. If you need an extra bookshelf in your life, we've got the high quality bookcases to take your space to new heights. You'll notice the elite craftsmanship on the shelving. In addition to sitting along your office wall, these could also be a great fit in your living room. 

We also provide plenty of office chairs to complement your office desk! These pieces provide a comfortable, upholstered way to work, and can function in both large and small spaces, such as a cubicle. 

If you'd like to add a splash of color to your walls, we can provide wall decor such as wall art to meet that need! Just imagine how a splash of color from the wall, along with an area rug, would enhance your working experience. Accent tables and console tables can add a modern glam to your office space, and we've got the styles available to match all of your office decor ideas. Lighting options include task lamps, floor lamps, table lamps,light bulbs, and more. We also offer wall clocks, some of which provide pops of color, turning your wall into a gallery wall.

Office Accessories FAQ

01 How can I make my office cozy?

Don't cram all of your belongings against the walls. Pull your sofa (or other sitting) away from the wall by at least 12 inches. Instead of generating a big lot of odd empty space in the middle, it will make the area appear more inviting and homey.

02 How do I use plants in my office?

Plants are inexpensive and add a sense of life to an office setting. They're mobile, yet large enough to break up the space. Just remember to hydrate them.

03 How should I organize lighting in my office?

Lighting fixtures don't have to be expensive to work well. The important thing to do is to combine your light fixtures in different ways. Your main lighting may come from top lit fluorescence that point up towards the ceiling. But you should also bring in lamps that sit on tables and track lighting that points at walls. The combination will create a sense of harmony that people will feel even if they can't tell why.

04 What office accessories should I purchase?

There's more to an office than just furniture! After all, who doesn't love a nice lamp? You could also consider a set of bookends.

05 What office accessories does offer? offers a wide selection of office accessories. Maybe you need a new set of drawers for storing papers. We also offer plenty of lighting options, such as desk lamps and more!


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